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As per the news pouring in from various sources the four time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and having represented Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 veteran Congress leader and a nonagenarian Narayan dutt Tiwari who was on life support system for the last few days at Max hospital Delhi is in extremely serious condition having shifted for resustication at ICU again after he faced acute problem in respiration and became unresponsive.

Addmitted on 26th October in hospital Max in South Delhi after having severe respiratory complications due to infection in lungs veteran Congress leader and ex chief minister of the largest and the smallest state of the country UP and UK was on the life support system and given occasional physiotherapy exercises as well. On Saturday after having a become too weak and frail suddenly unresponsive, while in the physiotherapy session.

Tiwari was imdiately put on resustication on ventilator in ICU. His condition is stated to be serious. His advocate son Rohit and wife Ujjawala are with the ailing leader. Since the day Tiwari was addmitted in ICU after suffering from pneumonia and lungs infection, his condition was more or less critical showing little sign of recovery. But today it futher deteriorated after he became unresponsive throwing him in critical stage. His family, friends, acquaintances and followers are praying for his fast recovery and the senior docters at MAX are doing their best to revive his health condition.

Narayan Dutt Tiwari is a towering leader of the country and Uttarakhand having been Union Industry, finance and Labour minister apart from.being the four time UP CM and one time CM of Uttarakhand. Always in the good books of late prime minister Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi Tiwari joined for the very first time as the deputy minister in  late HN Bahuguna’s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh never ever to look back again. Infamous for being against the formation of Uttarakhand as a small entity ND Tiwari once said that creation of Uttarakhand would be possible only after his death or on his corpse. But the time came when he himself led the state of Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 leading the state to new developmental heights which no other chief ministers till now could achieve.