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Cancer is the major threat to the mankind. Due to the deskbound lifestyle and ecological imbalance in the natural environment; WHO has estimated that, the number of cancer cases in India is rising at a startling rate. It is notable that there are 7 lakh people die due to cancer every year in India. 10 lakh of new cancer cases are diagnosed every year. It is estimated that the death toll would rise to 8.8 lakh with 17.3 lakh of cases diagnosed by the year 2020. The situation might get worse if remained unchecked.

Thus, the Ministry of Public Health along with the Indian Council of Medical Research is scheduling to open up 49 new cancer treatment centers all over the nation. The full-fledged plan will be discussed at the Prime Minister’s Office soon. According to the plan, the current 600 radiotherapy machines will be increased to 775 in the coming three years however, the number would still not be able to meet the demands of the WHO’s estimated requirement which is of 1200 radiotherapy machines across India. The budget of the project requires 3495 crore INR. The project is reported to be implemented in the phased scheme for duration of three years.

It is reported that the new cancer centers will be an addition to the previously functioning 31 cancer centers. It is noteworthy that these 31 centers were upgraded and facilitated with the then latest technology in the 2014-15. Furthermore, the number of radiotherapy machines will be increased nationwide. Apart from this, the project also incorporates the establishment of the new facilities in regard with oncology, oncosurgery, chemotherapy, palliative care units and rehabilitation centers for the patients. The project is supposed to be governed by the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke.

The project aims to provide the cancer treatment facilities at the district level thus, reducing the problems of the cancer patients who require travelling to the metropolitan cities like, Delhi and Mumbai for the treatment. It is important to consider that the travel to different cities results in the hike in the treatment cost.

The project brings a new ray of hope for the cancer patients and their families since these new cancer centers in the country would ensure timely treatment of the patients thus, decimating the death rate due to cancer.