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How to remove negativity


You may have had a feeling that something is off but do know what exactly it is maybe it is the positive energy  which is missing and maybe some negative energy around you. Negative energy can ruin your life and it is always best to get out of this as soon as possible and move towards the right things with positive feelings as removing the bad energy from your life is one of the best thing you can do to yourself if you really want to achieve something in your life.

Negative and Positive energy plays a major role in our lives because if we are surrounded by the negative energy then we will never succeed anywhere whether it is personal or professional life so it is very necessary that we should always be positive about life and if you want to know few ways by which we can always be positive then this article is for you.

How to remove Negative energy around you and again start a positive phase in your life


Yes certain herbs can remove negative energy around you and your place as in the ancient American practice of smudging was used as a method of purification for certain places. In this purification ceremony certain sacred herbs are used to clear up the negative energy from the place.

Burning of these sacred herbs is not just spiritual but also has scientific significance as when these herbs are burnt then they release negative ions, the oxygen atoms that are charged by the electrons.

Negative ions are created in nature by air, water and sunlight and these makes us calm and re- energized and body gets a new energy because negativity is washed away by the negative ions.

Spend some time yourself

Spend some time with yourself and talk to yourself and try to think positive about everything because when we will think positive then positive energy will be attracted which will remove the negative energy because there will be no space for the negativity. When we always be positive then our brains also works in the same way and become used to it by making them regular thoughts this is called thought pattern. There is no one else in this world who understands you better than yourself so just keep talking to yourself but always talk positive to attract positive energy.


Meditation is also one of the best options to attract positive energy and remove negativity from our brains as we can change our thoughts by meditating. Some studies have also proved that brain is quite malleable and it can change a lot. We can practice being slow and focus on present instead of thinking about past and future because whatever we do today will be our future tomorrow any ways we cannot do anything about our past but obviously we can change our future by focusing on present things in a positive way. Do not connect your future worries with negativity because future is uncertain and by focusing on present we attract positive energy which is the need to become successful.