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how to get saved from polution

Air pollution in Delhi has crossed all the levels which no one expected. Is it a fault of Government or general public? Who is responsible for the situation which arises every year and the environment is worsening with each passing day reaching dangerous levels.

What would happen to our younger generation who are breathing this poisonous air?

They will not be healthy as our generation is or our grandparents generations who were lucky to breathe fresh air.

The major cause of this air pollution and gas chamber situation is number of vehicles in the Delhi city. You won’t get a space to walk properly on the road because of so many vehicles and traffic jams.

When we know that this situation arises every year then why not everybody is doing something about it and do their part to reduce the air pollution in Delhi which has made lives hell in the city.

Delhi Government sleeps for the whole year and wakes up in the winters making the situation more badly and by taking steps which are of no use. Even the Diwali cracker ban has not helped to overcome this horrifying situation forcing all Delhi ties to breathe poisonous gases locked in a chamber like thing.

Is this what we expected our lives to be in Delhi which was beautiful just 15 years back and now has become unbearable? People of other cities are circulating jokes on social media about the situation in the Delhi city and the alarming pollution levels.

We all have to do something urgently and should not depend upon the Government.

What can be done to fight pollution in Delhi?

Well Delhi Government has planned to sprinkle water on roadside and trees which are choked from pollution but this is a just a temporary solution which will last for some hours only and no fixed solution has been found by the Government. In fact the NGT has told to the Delhi Government that they will not take over from here and will take some preventive steps.

Till now no one has been able to provide a solution for the current pollution level in Delhi.

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