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how to choose headphones

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Are you a music lover then you must know that how important a good headphone for listening to a quality music and sometimes it become bit difficult to choose the right headphone for you as there are so many different styles, brand and prices are available which creates confusion. But not to worry as we will discuss n details about headphone specifications which will make it very easy for you to choose the right one.

Basically there are three types of headphones i.e In-ear and on-ear and over ear. So let’s us start our detailed discussion with in-ear headphones.

In-ear Headphones

These types of headphones directly fit in your ear canal and are also called as in- ear monitors. When you use these headphones the outside noise cuts down very well and you can enjoy the music very clearly because it is nearer to the ear drum. These are available in different shapes and sizes so you can choose according to your need because to get the maximum performance you should have the right size.

On-ear Headphones

These types of headphones are also called Supra-aural headphones, and these types of headphones sits on the top of your ear. The sound quality is also good but the only problem is that it does not block the outside noises and other people might also be able to listen to the music which you are listening to.

On ear headphones are found to be more comfortable as compared to in-ear headphones in which your ear starts aching or maybe irritation occurs.

Over-ear Headphones

Over ear headphones are also called circumaural headphones because they cover the entire year. You must have used them earlier while listening to the music on PC. Now people are also using them with MP3 players and even in mobile phones. These headphones have good bass quality and louder volume.

Choose the type of drivers

Drivers are the most important component of headphones as they are responsible to convert and electrical signal to a sound pressure. The different types of drivers contain magnets, voice coil, and diaphragm and it vibrates due to these components and these vibrations further produces sound waves.

The driver size is directly proportional to the sound quality it becomes quite important that if a person wants more bass than the driver size of 40mm is best for the quality of sound for over-ear headphones.