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How to activate Jio SIM


If you are not able to activate the Reliance Jio SIM and use its services then you can try the alternate option of JioFi. It is a cool tech gadget which is provided by the company as the Jio SIM works only in some models of mobile phones but if you buy the JioFi you can easily use the free calls and internet for three months as claimed by Reliance.

JioFi is a device which will give you 4G speeds and you will not even need 4G handset to avail free internet. In this device the maximum connection limit is of 10 devices which I think is sufficient for sharing the Internet.

But there are some glitches in this device like leakage of data and easily attacked by viruses during Wi-Fi sharing. So you need to take some extra precautions while using JioFi and sharing its internet. You should also try to connect minimum number of devices as more devices mean lesser speed.

If you want to save your device and want it to be safe from viruses then try to share less data on Wi-Fi or if possible share selected data else you will end up having virus in your device.

Do not share folders when you are on Wi-Fi network as there is a possibility that some folders contain virus which could affect the JioFi device and also corrupt your phone data.

Never share the Wi-Fi password of Jio hotspot with everyone as they can misuse the password because Jio services are free till 31st December only. Use multi text password with combination of alphabets, special character and numbers just like you make passwords for Internet banking and email.