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The famous actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) posted a picture of him sleeping in the street under his famous bronze statue, and wrote sadly (How times changed).
The reason he wrote the sentence was not only because he was old, but because when the governor of California opened the hotel with the statue of him at the front.
The hotel officials told Arnold: ‘At any time you can come and have a room reserved in your name.’
When Arnold once went to the hotel, the administration refused to give him a room arguing that the hotel was fully booked.
He brought a cover and slept under the statue and asked people to also imagine this scenario.
He wants to convey a message that when he was in a position of power they were praising him and when he lost this position they forgot about their promise and did not fulfill their promise to him.

Yes, times have changed. Do not trust your position or your owner or your power or your intelligence. All of this will not last.

In life or after death..