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The opening of a super speciality 150 bed hospital by a socio cultural and spiritiual organisation HANS FOUNDATION at Satpuli, Garhwal in Uttarakhand inaugurated  by the present and former chief ministers of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat and Harish Rawat in the presence of its “all in all”, Bholeji Maharaj and his spiritual wife Mata Mangla, has in a way send a strong message across the people and the government in Uttarakhand that if one’s will, grit and determination to do someting credible and pro people is strong and full of commitment, no power on earth can stop the noble endeavour move ahead with resounding success.

And the Hans Foundation run by the daughter of spiritual sect’ head duo Bholeji Maharaj and Mata Mangla has finally made it happen. This super specialty hospital constructed in just two year with a whopping cost of 250 crores is 150 bedded and comprises of the latest treatment equipment and machines with special concession of entirely free treatment to the inhabitants of the villages of Uttarakhand. There is also a facility of tele radiology in this hospital through which the doctors treating the patients can discuss the diagnosis and case history of critical illnesses of the patients with the specialists abroad with whom, the Hans Foundation has established contractual dealings.

The best part of this hospital is that despite treatment of all types of deseases and critical surgeries, the management will also provide free medicines to its patients of the underprivileged sections of the society. This high profile charitable venture, has also helped in providing employment to the local youths in all services, including in posts like doctors and pharmacists. The main and primary objective of this super speciality hospital is to run it on no loss no profit basis so that the people of the Uttarakhand, especially the Garhwal interiors could be treated perfectly and freely or on concessional rates, within their reach to pay.

Actually, Uttarakhand, though is 17 years old has no hospital in the interiors and as a result people are leaving villages in the dearth of adequate medical facilities. This super speciality hospital constructed at Satpuli, Garhwal on way to Pauri from Kotdwar will cater to a myriad number of local hapless patients who were till now completely bereft of quality medical facilities and had to go to Dehradun or Delhi to seek expensive treatments. There have been hundreds of incidents in Garhwal hills when patients died on the way while ferrying them to Dehradun or Delhi for treatment of severe deseases. While construction of Hans Foundation’s hospital has eased the medical requirements of local populace, it in a way also puts a grave question mark on the government authorities who despite having tremendous resources or could have managed through the centre, had they been honest enough to care for the health related welfare of the people of the state.

It sounds shocking that the whatever health centre or hospitals the government has in the interiors of Uttarakhand at present, are almost devoid of doctors, pharmacists, medicines and equipments such as ultrasound machines or X Rays. In certain hospitals glucose and medicines have been found of expiry dates. Just a few days ago a woman groaning with acute pain had to deliver her baby on the footover bridge in full public view just because in the absense of the doctor in the hospital in CHAKRATA, near Dehradun she was turned away forcibly instead of addmitting her.

The matter became  tremendously controvertial and the media took it too seriously. Conclusively, the point is, if an NGO with an honest bent of find to help the poor, needy and the genuine villagers with free or concessional medical facilities can come up with such a big super specialty hospital charitable venture in the interiors of Uttarakhand, why can’t the government?


Dr. Ambedkar Hospital situated in Rohini under the jurisdiction of Government of NCT of Delhi having been approved by the Medical Council of India on the strong recommendation of the previous and the current govts of Congress and AAP to be the Delhi’ s new medical institute, is catering to the medical needs of hundreds of thousands of patients of Rohini and the surrounding vicinities like Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Rithala, Vijay Vihar, Naharpur and the entire sectors of Rohini up to far fledged, sector 25 . Majority of the patients treated here on daily basis hail from the poor and economically deprived and lower middle class sections of the society.

The casualty of this hospital is operative on 24×7 basis and deals with a good number of emergency cases. During the previous regime of the Congress, the services of this hospital were on an average rather on the decline and cases of corruption were also registered against the then Medical Suprintendent to the tune of more than 60 lakhs in a medicine scandal. But after the arrival of AAP government in Delhi the condition of health sector has improved considerably with improvement in services and provision of infrastructure of the modern kind in various Delhi hospitals and dispensaries, for the convenience of the patients.

But despite all this, the increasing number of patients hailing from the lower and lowest echelons of the society due to the free treatment and distribution of medicines the situation is becoming highly complex and beyond the reach of the hospital administration. The Out Patient Departments are full of patients and queues in a never ending mode. In view of the increasing number of patients and limited number of registration and medicicine disbursement counters and pharmacists not only has the quality of treatment suffering but the patients have to wait for hours together for their turns to come with senior citizens, disabled and those with ailments suffering badly.

There is chaos and panic all around. The wheel chairs and medicines are in short supply. A single xray, ultrasound machines and test clinics too are in limited numbers with shortage of various other facilities like adequate sanitation, fans, coolers and chairs. The shortage of doctors and pharmacists n distribution counters have also added to the vows of the poor and hapless patients. Though the Delhi government of AAP needs to be complimented for comparatively improving the lot of Delhi hospitals and dispensaries but lot more is required to be done. Ambedkar hospital of Rohini needs immediate enhancement in the strength of pharmacists from the present 5 to atleast thirty and subsequent numbers of the counters pertaining to delivery of medicines and registration, if the crowd at the medicine delievery counter is to be really lessened and the patients given relief against the tremendous amount of inconvenience confronted by them on daily basis.

The numbers of medical doctors is also required to be enhanced and medicine for serious ailments like cardiac deseases, diabities, lungs abnormalities and asthama etc made available in ample quantity to ameliorate their grievances. There have been usual instances and cases that after being in queue for several hours when the turn of the patient finally arrives, he or she is told that the prescribed medicine in unavailable. The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival and Health minister Satyendra Jain should make emergency secretive visits to such hospitals and ensure that the poor and underprivileged patients are given the best and due medical treatment. Special emphasis should be made that the staff is sober, soft and affable in behaviour with the patients and there is no dearth of medicines in the hospital, particularly of the critical illnesses and life saving drugs.

















Report is pouring in that the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, several times Union minister and political stalwart of Congress Party Narayan Dutt Tiwari has been addmitted to the South Delhi’s Saket Max Hospital after having suffered a paralytic attack at the age of 91.
Tiwari is being taken care of, by his son and wife Rohit and Ujjwala Tiwari whom he had accepted after a protracted legal battle fought by both of them claiming their legal rights as wife and son just three years ago. Lean and thin the former UK CM was not keeping well for the past one year and was under the proper monitoring and medication of his personal physician.
Having been the U P CM thrice and quite close to SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav both Yogi Aditya Nath and the former spoke to the veteran leader’s family and enquired about his health. Primarily a socialist hailing from Praja Socialist Party while young, veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari joined Congress five decades ago and was the minister for finance in late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna’ s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh during 1984 -75 for the first time,having been followed by becoming central minister of Industries and Finance in Late Rajiv Gandhi and Narsimha Rao’ s cabinet. Mr. Narayan Dut Tiwari served as Uttar Pradesh chief minister for three times and finally served a tiny state of mere 5 MPs and 70 MLAs after Uttarakhand achieving the separate Hill state existence after so much of sacrifices and relentless struggle of hundreds of thousands of Uttarakhandies in Uttarakhand as well as in all the metropolises of the country.
Sounds interesting that a politician who as a Congress Minister and Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh always opposed Uttarakhand getting a separate state entity and said that if Uttarakhand ever would be created it will exist on his corpse, was the one who happily and interestingly accepted the then Congress High Command’s offer to become its Chief Minister to rule Uttarakhand for complete five years.
He was also in tremendous controversies for several interesting reasons, the first being his too closeness to late Sanjay Gandhi and becoming the headline news when he literally lifted Sanjay’s slippers and placed them on his feet while being the CM UP.
Sanjay Gandhi had visited UP and while he was likely to climb inside the chopper his slippers came down due to the air pressure of the choppers flattering wings and NDT who had come to see him off at the Airport runway in Luchnow literally lifted the fallen slippers and fixed them on Sanjay Gandhi’s feet in the presence of media creating lot of controversy and firore in state assembly the other day. NDT was also controvertial during his tenure as UTTARAKHAND’S CM when he distributed red beacon cars and state minister rank to every Tom and Harry including a 20 year old girl of Uttarakhand, finally compelling the legend singer of Uttarakhand make a humorous song on this issue titled NAUCHAMI NARENA which finally lead to NDT’s downfall in Ittarakhand as CM n his party’s fortune also took a downslide.

The seventy-year-old former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat is ailing having been shifted to Delhi’s high profile Ganga Ram Hospital today after being in CMI Dehradun for the last three days.
The former Union minister for Labor and Agriculture in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Congress government, Harish Rawat have been an experienced but a controversial chief minister of Uttarakhand after replacing the then CM Vijay Bahuguna in the year 2015, his permanent bete noire. Vijay Bahuguna later on joined Bhartiya Janata Party along with 9 MLAs, majority of whom are now ministers in BJP government of Uttarakhand led by Trivendra Singh Rawat.
After losing badly in the previous election in Uttarakhand, Rawat preferred to stay put at Dehradun and revive the Congress Party. He lost from both the legislative constituencies from where he contested being the state chief minister sending shock waves in Congress. Though Harish Rawat was quite popular and commanded tremendous influence amongst the masses in Uttarakhand the Bharatiya Janata Party under Narendra Modi’s influence and due to large scale majority polarisation won 57 seats, gaining an excessive majority, not witnessed ever before in the 17-year-old history of the state after attaining statehood.
Badly battered politically in the last election and a victim of CBI enquiry in connection with the alleged bribing of MLAs when his government suffered political deceit and betrayal from his own MLAs under former CM Vijay Bahuguna’s leadership who later on joined BJP during Rawat’s tenure, is today a lonely man with all his trusted supporters having left him in political quandary. Harish Rawat was admitted with acute pain in his leg due to clotting of blood and problem of blood pressure as well. He has become weak and frail and requires tremendous rest. In Dehradun he being the former Chief minister, was fed up with a stream of political leaders, chamchas and die hard supporters visiting him for political hazeeries and to know about his health.
As a result was unable to convalesce. He was advised to be shifted to Delhi for complete rest and better treatment. His entire expenses would be borne by the Uttarakhand government as per his eligibility and entitlement, being the former chief minister of the state. Despite losing in Uttarakhand Harish Rawat is still too much mobile and have been participating in political programmes and functions quite actively and with enthusiasm.  His presence in Uttrakhand politics gives tremendous morale boosting to the local Congress workers and leaders.


-Waking up early to reach school at 8am was a different fun, and one of the annoying things too.
-Funniest thing for a student was getting late dairy notes and standing in punishment early morning.
-Attending boring maths lectures and yawning in front of the teacher, it was one of the hilarious things we miss about our school life.
-Assembling together to attend the morning assembly is one of the things that is being missed badly.
-Sitting at last benches with group of our friends and passing on funny comments is kinda thing that every student has experienced in his school life.
-Making excuses for washroom and water and roaming all the school around as if “hum hi to principal the na school k”
-One of the sarcastic thing ever was students going to medical room and asking for hajmola by acting for fake stomach ache. “Literally sare k sare hospital k patient lgte the”
-Waiting for lunch break and eating lunch like “junglees” and jab uske bad pet nai bharta tha to rushing to canteen and aur “thoosna” was one of the funniest things a child must have done in his school life.
-Bunking boaring lectures and sitting in some room or washroom to escape from the teacher was one of the humurous things have ever done.
Hit like to school life because it was the best!