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A woman was brutally gang raped for several hours in a moving car in Sohna and then she was thrown in Noida.

This horrific incident took place on Monday in the evening around 8pm. During this sinful incident the men were driving car for several hours on Sohna road and repeatedly raped the woman.

The car was drove to Uttar Pradesh and the girl was thrown out of the car near Yatharh Hospital in Noida. On Tuesday morning a woman passing by noticed the unconscious lady lying on the roadside and immediately called the police.

The police reached the spot and also informed the Gurgaon police about the incident.

She was taken to the hospital for medical examination and after that she was taken back to Sohna after completing the legal formalities in Greater Noida.

She is from Bharatpur in Rajasthan and came to Sohna few days back.

The police is investigating the case and searching for the suspect who is currently absconding.

Police is also checking the CCTV footages from the areas where the car might have passed through and cross verifying the woman’s statements.

These rape incidents are not stopping in Delhi NCR and the rapists are enjoying their life and are able to breath in open air as if there is no one to stop them. In both the states BJP government is there and one more thing is that the car crossed two borders and must have also crossed several check points – then how come the police did not get notified and the culprits easily crossed two states ?