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Surnames play a pivotal role in shaping our identity. They make our names complete. Although it’s pretty hard to trace back the genesis of surnames in general and put forth how this norm of suffixing a surname to our first names started, not even an inkling of doubt hovers over the fact that in the past many years, this norm has gone on to become one of the most deep-seated rituals across every society. In Assam too, we find a plethora of beautiful and interesting surnames. However, today, we are only going to talk about the ones that don’t have a religious angle to them. To put things into perspective, these Assamese surnames don’t essentially reveal the religious identity of the ones holding them but only give an insight into the kind of honor or title their forefathers were conferred on in the bygone years. What’s more fascinating is that many of these surnames are flexible among different religious groups in Assam, thereby, further validating their history and origin. Here we go then.