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The most controvertial issue of instant Triple Divorce is being debated in the Lok Sabha today after the union minister for Law, Shiv Shankar Prasad on behalf of Narendra Modi government tabled the bill for being passed in the Lok Sabha. The minister emphatically asked the parliamentarians across party lines to support this bill unanimously beyond religious boundaries, vested interests and political ideology as it not only relieves the muslim women of the long term medieval practice of triple verbal divorce but also amount to empowering them to a great extent.

While the BJP has finally made up its mind to pass the bill, come what may, the main oppostion party Congress and the other anti BJP parties too are in support of it though under compulsion as the controvertial issue involves women empowerment particularly of the muslim women who are being the constant victim of this medieval tradition having the Shariat sanction.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has during the Uttar Pradesh legislative elections publicly given assurances to the muslim women to relieve them of these old conservative shackles that has literally made the life of millions of women of the minority community in immense jeopardy and doldrums, particularly those hailing from the women of rural orthodex belt and illiterate women.

There have been (and is still ) lots of hue and cry and protests from and amongst the religious minority heads as well as the All India Muslim Personel Law Board accusing the BJP led NDA government of arbitrarily meddling in the Shariat law of the Muslims to derive political capital and hurt their feelings. While the anti triple talaq bill that has various provisions like the one, punishment of three years etc for the guilty is being outrightly opposed by the Congress whose leader in parliament Malikarjun Kharge is also demanding to sent the bill to the parliament’s standing committee for certain amendments before getting it passed from both the houses of parliament.

The bill is harsh according to the Congress party as it also does not allow bail for the accused subject to his re approach to the magistrate with a written request giving sufficient reasonable grounds and reasons for seeking bail. The Congress party strongly opposes both these provisions and also asks the government to speak to other stake holders before making it a law and the stakeholders are none other then the maulvies and the ALL INDIA MUSLIM PERSONEL LAW BOARD who are ourightly opposing this bill.

However, despite all this, the way the ruling party has been successful in seeking the ovewhelming support of the myriad number of widespread suport from all the catagories of muslim women, particularly the women of the literate and intellectual catagory as a symbol of women empowerment, the secular parties like Congress and its anti BJP progressive partners are in a real fix who are neither able to eat nor swallow and are therefore in a fix in terms of adopting a clear stand on the issue but more or less favouring the bill.

However, whether this anti triple talaq bill is passed or not, though chances of its being passed are hundred percent sure, prime minister Narendra Modi’s name will be printed in golden letters in the annuls of Indian history for making this historic act possible for the muslim women being tortured and tramatised since ages due to the instant triple talaq tradtion under shariat law provisions.

It may be recalled that in 19 muslim countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia Triple Talaq is fully banned for years.

It may be recalled that: The practice of Talaq-ul-bidat or triple talaq give men the authority to end a marriage by only uttering the word ‘talaq’ to their wives three times in succession.


As is Delhi increasingly in the grip of life taking pollution, similarly is it the victim of massive chain snatching crimes and subsequent assaults, particularly the women being the worst sufferers. In almost every street, nook and corner, parks, market place, cinema houses, residential colonies or in busy areas these dreaded criminals, majority of them being the delinquents below eighteen years have created havoc and the law enforcing agency, the police, already short of staff is extremely complacent to deal with these termites who’d made the lives of Delhi’s women a hell.

Moving around with gold wearings and handy mobiles has become a risky affair with women and college going girls, the most affected. What is more worrisome is that these professional gangs now also operate from expensive and ostentatious marriage ceremonies where they mix themselves wearing facinating attire and clandinely rob the expensive jewellery and cash. Today, out of the fear and risk to one’s life, especially inaction from the side of the police authorities the women have given up wearing gold chains or ornaments n keeping their expensive mobiles intact in purse than hanging around.

Even the family members of the higher ups have been the victims of these snatchers but fortunately they get their stolen ornaments or properties back in record time, thanks to their status and influence. If we go by the Delhi Police records there had been a whopping six fold increase in cases of snatchings compared to previous years and the resolution rate is surprisingly less than 30%.

But now there seems to be a little ray of hope for DELHITES as the Delhi High Court has issued directives to the state government to make the law on chain snatching stricter by amending the panel provisions terming the chain snatching as a very serious matter. It sought a detailed report from the Delhi govt as well and simultaneously issued notices to DP, civic body MCD and the state govt seeking replies.

An enlightened Delhi advocate Prashant Manchanda after feeling concerned have filed a writ petition in the DHC saying that the myriad increase in chain snatching incidents in the capital have made the people, especially the foreign tourists completely insecure.


A family in abject poverty who’d spend every single pie on the treatment of their seven year old son DIVYANSHU who was burned by the impact of the current of high tension wire in Saraswati Vihar, Dehradun, now addmitted in Intensive Care Unit of Kailash hospital, having lost his full right hand is humbly appealing to the general public for financial support as the treatment requies about 11 lakh rupees.

The father of Divyanshu has so far paid Rs 4 to 5 lakhs to the hospital and left with nothing as he is earning a meagre monthly salary in his capacity as a driver in a private school. According to Arun Raturi a native of district Tehri Garhwal the local MLA of Raipur, Dehradun and the government of the state has so far not given a single pie as financial assistence or monetary compensation to the severely injured victim whose right hand got completely amputated n groaning in intolerable pain. Divyanshu is fighting the war between life and death in Kailash Hospital, Dehradun in extreme critical situation.

It may be recalled that on 6th of October after coming in contact with 11000 volt high tension wire 7 year old Divyanshu was horribly burnt and got his right hand amputated on 17th October, 2017. Under the care and constant monitoring of burns’ specialist Dr. Harish Chandra Ghildiyal at Kailash hospital Divyanshu’s treatment requires about 10 to 11 lakhs. The hapless family has already paid 4 to 5 lakhs having literally, nothingin their possesion except miseries. The family is in utter distress and have humbly requested for financial assistence for saving the life of their seven year old son battling for life.
Plz Donate for Divyanshu’s life:-
BANK NAME State Bank of India
A/C NAME Daulat Singh Kandari
A/C NUMBER 32828377469
BRANCH Dehradun main branch
4, Convent road

(Divyanshu’s Father)
2) ARUN RATURI: maternal uncle 9990671441