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Today’s fast paced life at office and home has pressurized people so much that the stress levels have escalated and resulting in various physical and mental diseases and among them Heart related problems are on top as stress directly put pressure on your mental and physical well being. Nowadays young people who are hardly in their 30’s have starting observing heart related problems and it has become very important to live a healthy life and manage stress levels and others factors which leads to high cholesterol levels, stressful lifestyle, lack of exercise and smoking along with drinking alcohol.

You can choose to stay healthy by making some simple changes in your lifestyle.

Tips for keeping your heart healthy

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the major factor which is responsible for heart related problems and it also reduces life expectancy by 15 – 25 years. Several studies have done on the effects of smoking and all of them have suggested that smokers are twice more likely to have a heart attack as compared to non -smoker.  So smoker should leave this bad habit which will definitely lead to heart related problems and the best part is that when a smoker quit smoking his chances of getting heart attack starts reducing and body starts healing itself immediately. It is never too late to quit smoking.

Reduce salt intake

Adding too much salt in your food may result in high blood pressure and later it increases the risk of developing heart disease. If you have a habit of adding more salt after the dish is ready to eat then change your habit and reduce chances of developing heart related problems.

Keep a check on your diet

Check what you eat and if possible try to change your eating habits and move towards having a balanced diet which may include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, rice and starch foods. Even Baba Ramdev suggests that always eat less food as it will lead to maximum utilization of it and your body will always remain healthy. Never fill your stomach fully and let your stomach half empty.

Check your alcohol intake

If you are a heavy drinker then leave this habit and works towards drinking moderately as heavy drinking of alcohol damages the heart muscles, responsible for high blood pressure and ultimately leads to weight gain. Try to limit your alcohol consumption and if possible gradually leave this habit of drinking regularly.

Start exercising

Doing exercise is not just good for your heart but it also relaxes your mind. So try to do exercise at-least for 30 minutes a day and if possible do it in morning it could either be a brisk walk or going to gym or maybe swimming the aim is to get physically active.