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Four habits which help to lose weight and the best part is that you do not even need to hit the gym. Yes it is very much possible but you have to do the following things strictly if you want to lose extra weight.

Do not eat while watching TV

A food and quality study was done and it was found that people who eat food in a loud and noisy place are less likely to really taste their food. Even when people watch TV during that time also they are tend to overlook the flavour of the food they are eating so switch off the TV and enjoy your food as by doing so you will feel fuller and less tempted to  binge on seconds and thirds.

Do not eat at your desk

It is also proved by a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat while working on their laptops and computer gets distracted and also forgets to recall what they eat and they do overeating  which leads to weight gain.

Eat first and then do Shopping

Remember next time when you are going for a shopping try to eat first or at-least have some snacks so that later you are not tempted to eat more. So make a shopping list in advance and save some time to eat first this way you can keep clutter at bay and enjoy your food better.

Do a detailed research of Menu

While sitting in a restaurant give some extra time to food menu and try to find some healthy options or if possible search it in advance on internet so that you very well know which restaurant you should go and have healthy food which does increase your weight.