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After having been successful in getting the formal approval of the Lt governor of Delhi Anil Baijal, a BJP led NDA government appointee in all the, Health for all recommendations for the Delhites that primarly includes free treatment to all in various high profile private hospitals including surgeries for expensive critical illnesses to be borne by the Delhi government, the pro people Delhi chief minister has also directed the health minister Delhi Satyendra Jain, Delhi’s Health Secretary and other senior most officers of the Health department to expeditiously open maximum number of free medicine delivery counters in all Delhi government hospitals as well as appoint pharmacists in order to ensure that patients in any Delhi government hospital do not stand in the queue for more than fifteen minutes.

The Delhi government of AAP has in the recent months exhibited its untiring interest, concentration, perseverence and commitment in improving the health services in majority of the Delhi government hospitals, dispensaries and polyclinics and have also made special provisions for free diagnostic tests of all nature irrespective of any class distinction based on income brackets. It’s recent decision of free treatment in high profile hospitals for accident victim and for surgeries of critical natures with expenses to be borne by the Delhi government is being acknowleged with tremendouse sense of appreciation and applause.

Not only this but the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival in personally monitoring the situation in each and every hospital of Delhi in order to mitigate the grievances of the poor, hapless and under privileged including the middle class patients who suffer badly at medicine delivery counters and unending queues at the doctor’s clinics inside the government hospitals. As a sequel to his ongoing monitoring of the health services in Delhi the Delhi CM visited the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital yesterday and got infuriated on seeing the long unending queues of patients and non functioning of the ultrasound and xray machines.

This is primarily the story of every hospital and the Delhi government wants to get patients and their relatives rid of these long queues said Arvind Kejrival. He immediately asked the health minister, Delhi Satyendra Jain to appoint as much as pharmacists it can on contractual basis and ensure that the patients do not stand in queues for more tjan 15 minutes at the most. He also ordered for new ultra sound machines and asked to lessen the queues at clinics as well. The government of Delhi has also formalised its online appointments of patients with various specialists depending upon the nature of ailments snd deseases in orderto ensure time and best possible treatments to the patients in government hospitals.

As the Delhi elections and the 2019 elections ate nearing the AAP government of Delhi is trying woo the Delhi voters with various people friendly measures and its special impetus on Health services and making good number of other services available at peoples’ doorsteps like ration card, birth certificate, driving licence etc has made its chances of a come back largely possible say the news analysts. By organising financially aided Uttarayini programmes in 33 places in Delhi this 14th January the AAP government in Delhi has proved to be successful in enticing a majority support of the Uttarakhand community in Delhi asses the news analyst.


It is appropriately said that bliss is an impression of your wellbeing in light of the fact that lone a decent solid life can make a man dynamic additionally wellbeing is the primary abundance of a man. A decent wellbeing prompts cheerful and pleasant life. Each individual should think about the significance of wellbeing in their lives. Having legitimate sustenance and rest is the key of sound life. It doesn’t imply that a sound life implies just physical prosperity it likewise conveys mental strength and inward tranquillity of a person.


Remaining fit and sound incorporates admission of supplements rich sustenance, adequate rest, staying away from garbage nourishment and exercise. What’s more, if an individual isn’t having appropriate eating routine it will eventually influence their psychological, physical and enthusiastic wellbeing. Likewise, an individual must drink bounty measure of water as it enhances digestion and discharges poisons.


The eating regimen one ought to include are green veggies, eggs, drain, vitamins, vegetables, organic products, and proteins which makes an individual more advantageous additionally if an individual does customary exercise and yoga it keeps up resistance level, glucose and wellness as well. An unfit and unfortunate way of life causes such a large number of medical problems like dejection, visit fever and so on. Undesirable way of life likewise prompts sudden passing.


Doing customary exercise, cycling, running, strolling lessens the issue of corpulence and makes an individual fit. Presently a day’s young age is confronting such a large number of issues like coronary illness, heftiness and diabetes in view of unfit and unfortunate ways of life. Wellbeing is the basic resource of a person which one should deal with that.


A sound soundness of an individual is the key of bliss, achievement and accomplishments and makes the individual more settled and looks after persistence. One must make great propensities excessively like washing their hands previously having nourishment and ensure that the earth must be spotless and clean. Along these lines, wellbeing absolutely relies on what we eat and drink. One ought to abstain from devouring destructive substances which incorporates drugs, liquor, cigarettes as it straightforwardly prompts genuine medical problems in future.


Accordingly, a decent wellbeing thoroughly relies on what an individual devours.


The fog or a smog this morning was so dense that not only has it resulted in delaying flights and trains but has also resulted in several accidents in different parts of Delhi and the neighbouring states.

This morning the smog in Delhi, NCR and the adjacent state like Haryana was so intense and extensive that few cars and a bus got clashed on the Delhi Haryana Highway causing injuries to few persons who were evacuated safely afterwards.

While during winters this is a usual affair but this time, Delhi in the aftermath of Deepawali has broken all records with poisionous gases badly entangled in the environment in the absense of winds that usually take the smog away.

Though the Supreme Court of India has issued special directives to the Delhi citizens as well as the firecracker sellers through the Delhi police and law enforcing agencies prohibiting the sale and fixing the limit till 10.30, shockingly Delhi has witnessed a negligible response to the court’s instructions and added to the pollution woes of the Delhites further more, enhancing pollution level to the most severest catagory.

It’s really shocking that today the newspapers of Delhi have shown the Pollution index going to 448 points which is considered to be of the most severest nature. The smog over Delhi skies for the last two days full of polluted gases literally making the lives of Delhites a hell has even compelled the National Green Tribunal to issue the Delhi government serious instructions to do something positive and constructive to reverse this most distressing trend of extremely polluted environment.

The visibly disturbed Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival had no option but to announce the closure of the schools for next two days or even more, till the smog is fully cleared from the Delhi skies and environment. The court has also instructed it to restart the odd even exercise.

The Delhi Pollution Control Board on the other hand says that in the absense of winds the smog which is the result of stubble burning in the neighbouring states and the already existing pollution, developed and enhanced after the Deepawali due to bursting of excessive fire crackers has got preserved in the environment and would be cleared on if the extensive winds take it along. Smog and increasing pollution in Delhi and NCR have become a permanent feature putting the life of 135 crore Delhites at excessive risk.

Something extremely credible and concrete needs to be done in the near future to clear this permanent ongoing mess failing which Delhi which has already turned into a poisionous gas chamber would prove highly disastrous to the already ailing health of Delhites, particularly the children. What do you say friends?




Amidst the era of developing technology, today the human is bound to make use of the technological advancements in order to survive in the world. It is extremely difficult for us to live without electronic gadgets. It is quite acceptable that all these facilities for instance, electricity, television, cellphones, and others serve as basic necessities of our life. However, the prolonged use of these electronic gadgets usually produces a harmful effect on the human body. Due to the easy lifestyle with all these gadgets, today people tend to delimit their zone of interaction with friends, family and acquaintances thereby, embracing the solitude in the digital world. Apart from this, the prolonged exposure to the digital devices, tend to reduce the normal metabolic processes of body thus, inviting diseases and disorders. Therefore, hypertension, diabetes, psychological disorders etc are quite common in today’s era.
In order to combat the harmful effects of today’s lifestyle; embracing the 5000 year old technique of living is a good idea. Well! I am talking about Ayurveda. Believing over the maxim- “Prevention is better than cure”; Ayurveda suggests the methodology of a healthy lifestyle thus, aiming at achieving good health and a life free from both mental and physical diseases.
Herein, I bring to you a list of activities suggested by Ayurvedic science to live a healthy life. Afterall, everyone aims at a healthy life in today’s world. With these simple steps, the goal of a healthy life can easily be achieved:-
• Sleep of 7-8 hours a day is recommended for a healthy life. Apart from this, one should get up early in the morning before sunrise and should avoid waking up at late nights. Proper sleep and adequate rest makes one feel fresh and boosts up the energy. One can plan a perfect day further.
• It is recommended to drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning in order to detoxify the body from the built up toxins during night.
• One should expose oneself to the fresh air of morning in order to give a pleasant start to the day. Going for a morning walk is a perfect idea to make a balance of the biochemical processes in the body. Apart from this, one should try exercising or practcing yoga for atleast 15 minutes in the morning in order to maintain the flexibility in the body and have a balanced metabolism.
• Personal hygiene is extremely important aspect of human life. One must bathe everyday and wear clean clothes made up from natural fibres like cotton, wool etc. Apart from this, at a personal level, one must try keeping the surroundings clean anf hygienic.
• Proper adequate diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre etc form a balanced diet. It is extremely necessary to enjoy balanced diet and inculcate appropraite amount of fruits and vegetables in diet for the proper working of the digestive system of body. Apart from this, it is extremely necessary to take healthy breakfast after an hour of waking up in the morning in order to activate the body enzymes and improve upon the metabolism of the body.
Well! herein, I brought few simple tips for a healthy lifestyle which we all have read in our books during primary classes but unfortunately, we are lured towards the unhealthy lifestyle and we tend to invite problems like obesity, hypertension, etc which might lead to serious diseases in future. Thus, to have a healthy life in future, we must try sticking to simple lifestyle secrets of our ancient Ayurvedic science. With a healthy life, we can not only make use of every available opportunity in life but also live the life to the fullest.
Stay healthy and keep in touch with our website in order to know more tips for a healthy life.


Cycling is common nowadays, not only among youngsters but also among elders. Do you want to stay healthy forever? Go for Cycling. They not only use it on the daily basis and other works but they also use it to stay healthy. It keeps you healthy and is pollution-free.

Trust me on this; Cycling is really a healthy practice of enjoying your rides. Following are some of the benefits of Cycling:

ŸMovement of Joints

Cycling helps in the Joint Movements. It is a softer way to keep your joints fit. All other activities like jogging, exercising etc. are harder to do and hectic. But, Cycling is a way to get a good movement of your joints without getting any pain or fatigue. It avoids the risk of the occurrence of Arthritis and puts comparatively less pressure on our joints.

Image result for cycling leads to movement of joints

ŸKeep your heart healthy!

While cycling, your legs, and muscles work and move rapidly that leads to your heart rate getting benefitted. It helps in increasing the stamina and keeps you fit. Thus, Cycling helps in the improvement of your heart’s working and blood circulation in the body.Related imageŸStay slim, stay strong!

Cycling helps you in weight loss in entertained manner. Cycling burns more calories than any other form of exercising and that too in such a short period of time. It burns at around 300 calories in an hour. This is equal to your exercising in a gym from approximately 2 days.

Image result for cycling keeps your heart healthy

ŸBye! Bye! Back Pain.

Cycling leads to the strengthening of the spine and removal of the physical stress from the human body. You just need to maintain a good posture while riding the cycle and maintain the coordination of your legs with the Cycle. It facilitates the movements of the vertebral muscles and helps in the reduction of the back pains.

Image result for cycling keeps away the back pain

Ÿ Take a chill-pill!

Everyone’s life has stress. Whenever you are tension or something is disturbing your mind, just take a ride outside on your cycle. You will feel very relieved and fresh doing this. It improves our overall mood. You will now truly have a stress free sleep and a happy day.

Image result for cycling makes us happy

You might have now got to know the benefits of cycling. Cycling is too important in our lives. Everyone should indulge in this healthy activity. It is applicable for every age group. If you really want to buy a cycle, you cannot miss on bringing it at your home.                               


Sometime ago, almost everything the kids did was physical. They walked a lot, they had no video games, didn’t have cell phones either, they lifted heavy things and played those kinds of sports that demanded some form of physical fitness. Kids nowadays just don’t get a chance to move around freely.

Even with all the playing and physical games we did as kids, not all of us ended up with great health. Almost all of us have fallen prey to diseases in the last few years. The disease could be heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity, or physical fatigue which. We have brought such diseases on ourselves. We certainly don’t want our kids to end up like us. If we want them to grow up fit and healthy we would need to make health, fitness and exercise a part of their lives. Children nowadays need to learn moving as frequently as possible and eating sensibly, because these are the necessary requirements for a healthy life which we wish for them.

kids fitness 2A lot of kids play some kind of sport or the other and that’s great. But that’s certainly not enough. The type and nature of sport might make him healthy in a certain way, but full fitness is a basic necessity. Strength, speed, endurance and mobility are all crucial for one function of the body or the other. These are the foundations of movement and all have to be developed in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

They must know how to be healthy and fit because that will have a major impact on the quality of their life. We must encourage our kids to do more physical movement and improving their diet right now, so that they are equipped to grow into active and physically healthy adults.

Physical activity is the only solution to the problem. It doesn’t matter what sports they choose, they must be fit enough to play. Kids do need to move more, and if it doesn’t happen naturally, we would have to put our efforts to enable that.

Popular female bouncer Mehrunnisha, poses for the camera.

Hauz Khas is one of the most famous watering hole in India’s capital. Mehrunnisha Shokat Ali of Social Hauz Khas, may be confused with other visitors of this particular neighbourhood in Delhi.

But one look at her kohl-rimmed eyes, as she remains standing straight, with folded hands, on the edge of the dance floor in a completely black outfit, watching couples weave and spin to the music, gives a hint to her real occupation. She is the Social’s popular female bouncer.

Mehrunnisha has been a bouncer for almost 10 years, and throughout the previous three years, has done 10-hour shifts at Social in the night, which works as a restaurant accommodating seating space for 220 individuals by day, yet transforms into a club at night.

Mehrunnisha by now is a master in separating bar brawls, searching female clients, and confiscating illicit drugs.

The 30-year-old Mehrunnisha is also popular for having worked as a piece of the security detail for Bollywood actresses, for example, Priyanka Chopra, the star of the U.S. TV serial “Quantico”, in addition to Preity Zinta and Vidya Balan.

Mehrunnisha also has much experience in crushing generalizations of the society about her.

Experiencing childhood in a large Muslim family in the town of Saharanpur, 200 km from Delhi, she longed to join the armed force or becoming a cop, however her profoundly conservative father restricted her from doing so. It was her mom’s request which enabled her to continue her education past elementary school.

In any case, when her dad’s securities exchange misfortunes constrained the family to move to the capital, Mehrunnisha, who was in college, turned into the provider for a family comprising of her parents, two sisters, and her senior sister’s three kids, other than herself.

Her younger sister, who is 27 years old, Tarannum, likewise fills in as a bouncer at a bar near her own work place. Together, they gather around 30,000 rupees a month. They take huge pride in their work and spend more than an hour at the gym every day to maintain their fitness.



As mercury levels are at the peak, staying healthy becomes primary concern. As the outside temperature is high, it is better to avoid food that generates heat inside the body. Excessive heat puts the body under strain and causes irritability, exhaustion, lack of concentration and sleeping disorders. Hence, it is suggested to increase liquid intake and fresh fruit consumption. Below are the list of foods that one should avoid in summer.

Non Vegetarian food

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat, prawns, egg, crab and squid generate excessive heat. They produce excessive heat and can cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

Spicy food

Spices such as chili, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and cumin seeds are body heating ingredients. They boost the rate of body metabolism and have a thermogenic impact on the body. 

Roasted food

Roasted or tandoori foods items are popular Indian cuisine, but they are also known to generate heat and can create gastric problems specially during the summer. 

Oily Junk food

French fries, burgers, pizzas and other oily junk food can test digestive ability and increase the possibilities of food poisoning. 


Chapati or rotis, a primary food in many parts of India but wheat is not an easily digestible food and moreover it generates considerable amount of heat. So, it is better to avoid during the day time and eat rice instead. 

Dairy Products

Daily milk products intake such as milk, cheese, yogurt etc. are heat generating foods. Hence, during summer the less they are consumed the better it is.

Ice creams & Cold drinks

Ice creams and cold drinks are chilled food items but they produce heat inside the stomach.

Tea & Coffee

Hot beverages like tea and coffee tends to heat up the body.  So it is better to better to stay away from these during summer. 


Yes mangoes!

The fact is, mango is a body warming fruit and eating too many mangoes can develop heat pimples among teenagers and children. 

Dry fruits

Dry fruits generate a lot of heat. So, it is recommended to minimize the dry fruits intake in summer.



As we all know Jeera seed is one of the most important ingredients in cooking. But do we know that it can be used as a natural and easy way for weight loss. Jeera or cumin seeds are tiny seeds but are loaded with nutritional values which help in speeding metabolism and cutting down excess fat and reducing weight.

Jeera also contains important minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Some more health benefits of jeera are as below : –

1 Removes toxins
2 Cuts down belly fat
3 Supports immune system
4 Helps in keeping the skin glowing
5 Supports in digestion

In addition to the above benefits, jeera water also helps in fighting insomnia. Two glasses of jeera water a day prevents congestion and cleans up the respiratory tract and thus eases breathing leading to a sound sleep.

Jeera waterNow how to make jeera water for weight loss ? Soak 1 tablespoon of cumin seed in water overnight and boil the seeds in the morning. Filter it to remove the seeds and squeeze a half-cut lemon into this. Drink it on an empty stomach every morning for 2 weeks for quick weight loss.

Start with less amount of jeera and increase the quantity as the body gets used to it. In just about 15 days one will be surprised with the results.

Well jeera water has a lot of health benefits and with a little effort leads to a very healthy lifestyle.


London: A study has found that the way people walk can give significant signs about their aggression levels. This type of study about the connection of aggression and walking style has been done for the first time and it has revealed many other interesting facts about exaggerated movement of both the upper and lower body indicated aggression.

A lead researcher from the University of Portsmouth in Britain told that when walking, the body naturally rotates a little, as a person steps forward with their left foot, the left side of the pelvis moves forward with the leg, the left shoulder will move back and the right shoulder forward in order to maintain the balance of the body. An aggressive walk is one where this rotation is exaggerated.

According to this study people generally know that there is a relationship between swagger and psychology. However, the research has also provided some empirical evidences which confirm that personality is indeed manifested in the way we walk.

It was further clarified that the potential relationship between an individual’s biological motion and their intention to engage in aggression could be used to help prevent crime.

This research can really help in reducing the crime rate around the world because if the CCTV researcher could be trained to recognize the aggressive walking style then they can easily recognize impending crimes.

In this study 29 people were asked to participate and they were asked to walk normally and on treadmill at their natural speed. The researcher also used a standard personality test called the “Big Five” to assess personality traits including openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

Motion sensor technology was used to capture the walking style and after recording them researchers analyzed thorax and pelvis movements.