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health benefits of praying


Prayer and meditation can add years to your life

Prayer and meditation are two things which anyone can do without being bothered by economic level, background and status. It seems that both prayer and meditation contributes to a healthier life and existence.

There were some researches done on this topic and initially some reputed research firms even refused to do it because of the word prayer but later after understanding its importance they even started funding a study through their frontier medicine initiative.

Earlier no one was much interested in doing researches and now in past 10 years the funding of these studies has almost doubled. Interestingly a study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania fond, if certain types of sounds called mantras are repeated then vibrations created from the sound positively effects the brain and change conscious levels which leads to disconnecting of mind with body and after this body gets relaxed and evenly regulated.

When you will do prayer and meditation it will relax your body and with that feeling you will no longer be angry and will become more polite and gentle to those people who are even rude to you. You should only think about how you can give back to the society if not by giving something in physical but mentally you can start giving piece and there is no religion involved in it. Some people pray by sitting cross legs and some on their bended knees but this does not change anything.

This World is an amazing place where lots wonders are there and miracles happen all we need to have is to open our eyes and see the beautiful world.

When we start doing meditation and prayer obviously something starts changing in our attitude and we become a better person then slowly we start leaving bad habits and have good and healthy life with some more years added in it.

After practicing prayer and meditation Person become more positive and start living life under new light with more energy and power and do some prayer and meditation also do not be bothered about those people who think that it is old fashion to do prayer and meditation because it will not lead you anywhere so be positive and have a long and healthy life.