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health benefits of good sleeping


Now a days with so much stress and tension we have forgotten to even take sound sleep and do not know when was the last time we slept without any worries. With so much advancement in technology we are so much engaged in the gadgets especially our mobile phones that we do not check it in every five to ten minutes we start becoming restless and do not know why we have become so much dependent on these gadgets that we have no time for other basic things like sleeping at the right time and other cores. We have become so much used to these gadgets that we ourselves do not know that from when we have started giving most of personal time to the virtual world and become a slave of technology.

So if you again want to have that innocent and calm sleep then you should start making changes in your daily routines and habits. Here is a list of few changes which will let us sleep better and feel energetic and motivated in life.

First step is to switch off the gadgets and if is not possible then at- least put it in a silent mode and keep them away from your bed and stick to a sleeping pattern. Set a time when no mater you will hit the bed and go to sleep without worrying about any updates on your mobile phone, and also make sure that you have fixed up a time to wake up. Initially you will have some problems but after passing of few days it will become your habit and other people connected to you will also know about your changed routine and will not bother you until and unless it is very important.

Create an environment which is calm and quit for a good sleep and for this you can use darkening shades, earplugs, fan or any other device which will help you to sleep better and quickly after you hit the bed.

Use comfortable pillows and bed sheets with good mattress and any color scheme for your shades and blankets whatever which will soothe you to have a better sleep.

Do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or aerated drinks before hitting the bed else you will not be able to sleep on time and these drinks will keep you awake for some time and of possible drink cold milk before going to sleep.