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The crusader against corruption and greatly instrumental in creating a nationwide awareness against the then Congress government for several scams through his nationwide satyagrah with the centre of struggle being the historic Ram Lila Maidan and Jantar Mantar of Delhi the retired Army driver Anna Hazare has announced that he will re launch his nationwide Satyagrah from the first weerk of January, 2017 against the policy failures of the present BJP lead NDA government at the centre.

The one time social god father of the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival and the deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Hazare announced the decision of his satyagrah on 2nd October after finishing his one day token sit in and hunger strike at the crematorium of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Accusing the union government of NDA, the crusader against corruption responsible for exposing the corrupt practices of several ministers in Maharahtra during the nineties and indirectly helping BJP to generate momentum of majority support against Congress in 2013- 14, Anna Hazaare said that the hopes and aspiratons with with the people of the country mounted BJP to historically outsanding majority at the centre in 2014 have been completely belied with people suffering tremendously on various fronts.

He emphatically and catagorically stated that despite 3 and a half years of NDA rule at the centre the farmers are still commiting suicides, country’s economy seems to be in doldrums, women are still unsafe and black money likely to be brought back from foreign banks still seems to be a distant and unfulfilled dream componded with non appointment of Lokpal till date. After being betrayed and badly backstabbed (politically) by the representatives of India against corruption viz Arvind Kejrival, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi who joined active politics , Anna Hazaare said that in his new Satyagraha while he will keep Kejrival five feet away, he has also placed a precondition for those joining him to submit an affidavit each so that they do not contest any election in the future during their whole life.

The reason behind this hard decision is Anna Hazaare’s bitter experience of having been ditched by Arvind Kejrival and his cohorts about three years ago when the latter formed the political outfit known as AAP and formed his governmemt in Delhi. It may be recalled that after theformation of the AAM AADMI POLITICAL PARTY against the wishes of Anna Hazaare the crusader against corruption went into oblivion due to the setback suffered by the deceit at the hands of Anna’s first hand trusted suporter Arvind Kejrival who in turn never relented.

Anna was badly furious whenseveral of the AAP’s ministers and the law makers were were embrioled invarious fake degrees and corruption charges and had to draw a sorry figure and answer umpteen tedious and trivial questions of the press.