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Hate crimes

Hate generates from identity politics.

Hate crimes are higher in South Asia than any other region of the world. Such crimes generate from the identity politics that enforce behaviour based on religious values. A state when allows the mob to dictate its goals, it is responding to identity politics. This results in holding back economic and social progress.

India’s situation is far more complex than any other country, due to its diversity. U.P matches the size of France and Germany combined together. Still, it is the most backward state of India in terms of human development. The reason for this could be U.P. being under the control of three different political parties during the last three decades, all indulging in some form of identity politics.

In the South Asian region with their diverse populations, identity politics stands in the way of economic progress. According to Plato peace can only be assured, if rulers were philosophers and a philosopher was the king.

South Asian region can only flourish when hate is quelled, because even if the hate is not aimed at us we cannot escape its consequence.