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Utterly shameful, distressing, anguishing and tragic to learn about the most brutal lynching of an fifteen year old delinquent, an innocent dalit girl having been repeatedly raped and subsequently killed brutally after forcibly injecting nails and rods in private parts completely rupturing her liver and finally dumping her body near a petrol pump in Bhundakheda village in Jind,Haryana.

There have been unfortunately three more cases of obnoxious rapes in Haryana within the last two days sending shiverings and shock waves down the spines of every single girl in Haryana and the country. One of the phedophile has been arrested while all the rapists and killers of other three cases including that of the adolocent brutal rape victim and the deceased are still at large, with the Haryana chief minister Mr. Khatter giving assurances of bringing the culprits to expeditious justice and awarding them the strictest of the punishment.

The graph of rape cases and women assaults have been on the tremendous hype in Haryana with the Haryana police registering about 1237 cases during 2017 with abysmal rate of convictions. This most heinous crime of the rape cum brutal murder of the 15 year old delinquent reminds of the most infamous Nirbhaya episode who was repeatedly raped in a running bus in the posh Vasant Vihar locality and finally killed through rod insertions in her private parts raising national and international outrage across the spectrum on 16th December, 2012 finally leading to the modifications in the criminal and rape laws making them more stringent, formation of fast track courts and launch of the Nirbhaya fund of Rs 2217 crores or so by the union government.

Similarly, just a year before, in Nazafgarh, Delhi, another Damini was brutally and mercilessly gangraped and killed dastardly with 21 grievous wounds including rupturing of her private parts leading to uncontrolled outrage at Jantar Mantar and outside Dwarka Court asking for capital punishment for the human beasts who have no terror of law in their minds. The hardened criminals, the rapists cum murderers, three in number were sentenced to death, finally upheld by the higher courts as well.

This shocking incident of rape and the subsequent heinous murder of an 11 year old Dalit girl in Faridabad, Haryana has brought the most sensitive issue of women safety and security to the fore with the police and law enforcing agencies under direct question mark? It may be recalled that Haryana is already behind in terms of women ratio as compared to the population per thousand men and there have been stories floating that women from different parts of the country are allegedly bought clandestinely and brought here for sexual favours or forced marriages.

If we go by the NCRB statistics regarding cases of women assaults and sexual victimisation the picture is too worrisome. The state government and its police should energise its machinery to expeditiously catch hold of the criminals responsible for these shameless and obnoxious heinous crimes and should be accorded no less than capital punishments through the fast track courts at the earliest.

The Nirbhaya Fund should also be utilised to fine tune the system of investigation and adequate monetary assistence to the families of the bereaved and the rape survivors with special attention to expedite the process of punishment which be no less than the capital punishments. Sounds anguishing that despite so much of national outrage and awareness against crime against women and the incests and provisions for stringent and harsh punishments the cases of such brital crimes are still on the rise. Shame!


The capital city of India Delhi continues to bear the ignominy of one of the most disastrous polluted cities of India and years ago even the Queen of England Elizabeth had given this national capital territory the tag of the worst polluted city when had cutshort her visit after personally experiencing the suffocation while breathing.

While there is not an inkling of doubt that Delhi is a most polluted city despite being the capital of the largest democracy of the world with the president, prime minister, entire union cabinet, the judges of Supreme and high courts and 1crore 35 lakh people living here, the fact can’ t be denied either that in the neighbouring state of Punjab and Haryana where agricultural activity is the highest in India may be a step or two low, am not sure but stubble burning in these states is the highest to the tune of 1crore 85 lakh quintals of stubble burning every season, componded with the excessive crop burning in Pakistan causing myriad poisionous gases that after getting entangled in the environment and skies gets diverted towards Delhi making the lives of Delhites literally a hell.

This fact have even been proved by the sattelite images posted in twitter and facebook unambiguously showing excessive clouds over the skies of Punjab n Haryana as compared to Delhi slowly and steadily flowing towards Delhi throgh the air and wind pressure. There is no doubt that Delhi being the city with a massive population of 1.35 crores witnessing tremendous migration on day to day basis is already polluted having more than 80 lakh or even more vehicles compounded with passing of thousands of diesal trucks within its boundaries releasing myriad quantity of polluted gases and fumes.

But the staggering amount of stubble burning in Pakistani areas bordered with Punjab, in Punjab and Haryana to the tune of shocking 1crore 85 lakh quintals as given me to understand from one of the reporters’ of India TV makes thing absolutely clear that this permanent phenomena of crop burning in such an infinite quantity, if not stopped can create havoc woth the lives of millions of people in and around Delhi. Just imagine the pollution index of Delhi after so many days of Deepawali nearing 500 points, today being 448 on the index is of the most severest catagory, thus posing direct threat to the lives of Delhi and the NCR citizens.

Meanwhile, the cases and number of patients of cardiac ailments, respiratory problems, asthmatic attacks and chronic obstructive pulmorary desease have increased by over 20% in Delhi AIIMS n other government and private hospitals like Fortis and Superspeciality MAX hospital with doctors finding it difficult to cope with the situation. Actually politics over the vote bank of the peasents is one of the prime reason behind non penalisation of defaulters in cases pertaining to stubble burning in the neighbouring state of Haryana and Punjab.

All the chief ministers of several states alongwith the union government should sit together and arrive at a unanimous solution to deal with this vexed problem of Pollution irrespective of party and ideological affiliations. Health of the people should be kept at the forefront of any agenda of these affected states and no time should be wasted to devise ways and means to deal with this crisis before it’s too late. What do you say friends?





A shocking incident of an alleged rape of a domestic help by a manager, working at the residence of a Rajya Sabha MP and former minister, earlier close to former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and legendary actor N T Rama Rao and thereafter having joined Congress, have been reported two days ago.

An FIR has been registered at the Lodhi Estate police station and the police has been dispatched to Faridabad to arrest the culprit from where he is absconding currently. The alleged sexual assault of the maid servant took place two years ago in 2015 and the woman couldn’t report the matter as she feared for her life. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police BK Singh a case of rape has been registered against the culprit and the police team has been send to Faridabad to arrest the culprit who lives there and is no more working at the MP’s house.

According to the FIR on the complaint of the victim who hails from Telangana originally, the alleged culprit namely Subhash Choudhary also duped her of Rs 25 lakhs which the former had to give her after Subhash’s brother who clandestinely got the thumb impression of her old illeterate mother on the sale deed in his name and did not give a single penny to her.

When the woman victim went to the culprit to ask for the money , Subhash allegedly raped her four times and threatened her with dire consequences. Since then he left the job and was staying at his house at Faridabad. According to the domestic help’s version, in September2015 while the culprit, the Congress leader was living at the MP’s bungalow at Lodhi estate, the domestic help told him about the sale of land at her native place as she needed the money.

The culprit said that since he is interested to buy that land he will pay the requisite amount of 25 lakhs to her. Subhash Chowdhary sent his brother along to the native place of the domestic help who got the thumb impressions of her mother on the sale deed and refuse to pay a single penny to her.

When the complainant confronted the culprit on different ocassions demanding Rs. 25 lakhs the cost against the sale of her land, she was intimidated of dire consequences and sexually assaulted four times. The police hunt is on for the culprit who happens to be a Congress leader and a former student and youth activist during the eighties living in Faridabad, Haryana.


After being defeated in Hydrabad, Delhi, Jwahar Lal Nehru Universities including the Bawana legislative election in NCT of Delhi the Bhartiya Janata Party suffered a political set back in the Gurugram Municipal elections as well by winning merely fourteen seats after claiming confirmed victory on the 30 seats out of the total 35.
About twenty independent candidates won in this civic poll and a lone seat was won by the Indian National Lok Dal. This is definitely a worrisome signal and a wake up call for BJP in Haryana say political analysts, particularly for the Khattar government who was recently blamed and accused for alleged favouritism to the infamous rapist Baba Ram Rahim Singh and his Dera Sacha Sauda as reported in section of the media.
After winning in several states of UP, Uttarakhand and forming governments in Goa, Manipur etc the moral of the ruling party BJP was quite high but the aftermath defeats in Bawana Assembly by poll in the national capital, JNU, DELHI and Hydrabad university elections of the BJP’ s frontal student wing ABVP followed by the recent defeat in Gurugram civic polls speaks of the fact that the the party is witnessing a downward slide in the literate and educated including the urban sections of the society which earlier used to be its strong holds.
This also reflects the fading charisma of the BJP leadership at the state as well as at the central level. The Congress had not contested the Gurugram civic poll but now its leaders claim that had it contested this time, the party would have secured the majority as majority of the independents who have won now would have not one and instead the Congress party candidates would have scored victories.
The election is the clear cut rejection of the ruling BJP and the Indian National Lok Dal who had been fighting against each other say the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Ashok Tanwar. It may be recalled that after the vitiation of the communal environment of the country in the name of cow vigilantism and brutal lynchings at several places in the country compounded with killings of journalists and rise in petroleum products thus increasing inflation further with news of lowering of growth rate, the cumulative effect of all these factors did had a bearing in these elections leading to downslide in the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party’s image. What do you say friends?


An earthquake measuring 4.2 in the Richter scale jolted Delhi and neighboring cities of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad and others in he early morning hours waking up people from their sleep.The earthquake was at approximately 4.30am.

As per USGS, the earthquake had it’s epicenter 13 kilometers south east of Bawal in Haryana. The earthquake was a shallow one and struck at a depth of 10kms.

The earthquake lasted for about a minute.

A few people have also tweeted about this earthquake in their twitter handle.