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harrasment by Donal Trump


Trump has become the number one controversial person in the world because of his insulting behavior towards women and even his wife and daughter are also quiet angry with him but it seems that for him nothing matters and he kept doing things the way he wants.

This time US first Lady Michelle Obama has launched a scathing taking down of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling that his sexually aggressive comments about women are disgraceful and intolerable.

Michelle Obama is lawyer who graduated from Harvard University has never take part in political affairs and always tried to be away from limelight and focused herself on education and health issues but this time she has decided to raise her voice against Donald Trump by joining a rally for Democrat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire aimed to stop this madness of Trump.

Recently a video of Donald Trump became viral in which he said that he his fame allowed him to grope women with impunity and this video made Michelle Obama to comment against him.

She said that this was not locker room banter and he is a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. And he is actually bragging about kissing and groping women. She further said that it does not matter what party you belong to but no women deserves to be treated this way. No one deserves this kind of abuse.

For the first time, she literally thrashed him and called him cruel and frightening attitude towards women but she did not use his name.

She was shaken to her core in a way that she could not have predicted and feels that this is not normal also in any ways it is politics as usual and considers it as disgraceful and intolerable.

Anyways she is right about Donald Trump who is trying all his tricks to remain in news and he is not even thinking about what he says and what impact it would have on people and his own family.

Recently about 6 women came out and complained against him that he allegedly made unwanted sexual advances towards them in the past, including groping and kissing.