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After having been defeated at the hustings in Uttarakhand’s legislative elections, himself losing both the seats from where he contested, just eight months ago and now in Delhi, most of the time, the usually mobile politician, 68 year old, the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat seems to be rather still active losing no opportunity to inaugurate or participate in any socio cultural or political programme of Uttarakhand where ever he is invited with usual charm and enthusiasm.

The way, even after losing badly at the hands of the BJP in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat is still enthusiastically active in Delhi as well as in Uttarakhand losing no opportunity of participation in any gathering – social or political, it seems the septuagenerium leader is still prepared to play the next innings either as the state’s CM or is in a mood to enter parliament from Garhwal in 2019.It may be recalled that before becoming the state’s CM three years ago Rawat was the member of parliament from Haridwar. Just two days ago i. e. on 7th January Rawat called hundreds of Uttarakhandies from Delhi and UK at 18 Ferojshah Road, the resident of his protege, Rajya Sabha MP Mahara and obliged hundreds of the guest visitors with tasty Uttarakhand cuisines and delicacies.

He himself was seen having the taste of sugarcane in the public and thereafter having food with people thus giving an impression of a pro people leader. Considered to be a clever political manipulater and a mass leader even after losing so badly at the hustings in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat lost no opportunity to invite every Uttarakhandi from Delhi and NCR across political spectrum including the mediamen and mixed with them for hours together, chatting, mixing, embracing, posing for group photographs and giving interviews to local channels.

People were found happily queuing for the delicious Uttarakhandi lunch and Gur ki kaali chai including himalayan fruit’s salad for hours. The get together and the lunch on session lasted for three hours with each and every pahadi living in Delhi and the NCR finally feeling utmostly satisfied and ecstatic. While such gatherings give an opportunity for one and all to meet friends and accquantainces after long intervals in city like Delhi and NCR, for politicians like Harish Rawat these are opportunities to re establish the broken links with the rank and file. It was not the first time that Rawat has thrown the lunch of Uttarakhndi cuisines for the UKites in Delhi but had been doing it earlier as well while he was the minister at the centre representing state labour and agricultural ministeries before becoming the state CM in 2015/16.

What was unusual about Harish Rawat’s lunch – on – session was that he hasn’t invited any Congressmen from Uttarakhand or Delhi in this congregation thinking perhaps, why would anybody else be given an opportunity to seek the credit for the lunch being served by him. Whatever, but he still needs to be complimented at least for the guts to manipulate and seek the Pravasies’s favourable confidence through such lunches of Uttarakhandi cuisines. After all this is a spirit. I wonder why has no other Uttarakhandi leader or MP has taken the courage to do so as Rawat has been doing for years in Delhi?

The seventy-year-old former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat is ailing having been shifted to Delhi’s high profile Ganga Ram Hospital today after being in CMI Dehradun for the last three days.
The former Union minister for Labor and Agriculture in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Congress government, Harish Rawat have been an experienced but a controversial chief minister of Uttarakhand after replacing the then CM Vijay Bahuguna in the year 2015, his permanent bete noire. Vijay Bahuguna later on joined Bhartiya Janata Party along with 9 MLAs, majority of whom are now ministers in BJP government of Uttarakhand led by Trivendra Singh Rawat.
After losing badly in the previous election in Uttarakhand, Rawat preferred to stay put at Dehradun and revive the Congress Party. He lost from both the legislative constituencies from where he contested being the state chief minister sending shock waves in Congress. Though Harish Rawat was quite popular and commanded tremendous influence amongst the masses in Uttarakhand the Bharatiya Janata Party under Narendra Modi’s influence and due to large scale majority polarisation won 57 seats, gaining an excessive majority, not witnessed ever before in the 17-year-old history of the state after attaining statehood.
Badly battered politically in the last election and a victim of CBI enquiry in connection with the alleged bribing of MLAs when his government suffered political deceit and betrayal from his own MLAs under former CM Vijay Bahuguna’s leadership who later on joined BJP during Rawat’s tenure, is today a lonely man with all his trusted supporters having left him in political quandary. Harish Rawat was admitted with acute pain in his leg due to clotting of blood and problem of blood pressure as well. He has become weak and frail and requires tremendous rest. In Dehradun he being the former Chief minister, was fed up with a stream of political leaders, chamchas and die hard supporters visiting him for political hazeeries and to know about his health.
As a result was unable to convalesce. He was advised to be shifted to Delhi for complete rest and better treatment. His entire expenses would be borne by the Uttarakhand government as per his eligibility and entitlement, being the former chief minister of the state. Despite losing in Uttarakhand Harish Rawat is still too much mobile and have been participating in political programmes and functions quite actively and with enthusiasm.  His presence in Uttrakhand politics gives tremendous morale boosting to the local Congress workers and leaders.