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Handwriting is not just an art to convey the information in a written format but it is an essential medium that reflects the personality of the writer. Yes, the handwriting experts do not only differentiate between the real and forged written piece but also convey a lot about human psychology. There is a strong relation between the moods of the writer with the handwriting. The science which establishes the relationship between human psychology and handwriting is known as Graphology.

With a piece of handwriting on a blank un-ruled sheet, you can try to analyze the person’s basic nature. Herein, we aim at providing simple tips to analyze an individual’s personality via his/her handwriting.

  1. Sloppiness in the writing

If the person writes in a sloppy manner, person tends to be smart with abilities to quickly link and correlate the ideas. However, if the writing style is well-composed, the person has efficient thinking process.

  1. Baseline of the sample

If the baseline of the writing sample on a blank sheet of paper is slanted upwards, the person is highly optimistic while if the baseline goes downwards, the person is pessimistic in nature. If the person has an ability to write in a straight line on an un-ruled sheet of paper, person is capable of analyzing the situations appropriately and maintains an impeccable balance between positivity and negativity of life.

  1. Pressure of the strokes

If the person tend to exert high pressure on the paper, it can be concluded that the person possess a high emotional quotient. While person writes with light strokes, the person is introvert in nature. However, if the person exerts an average pressure, he/she maintains a sound balance of calmness and the person nay possess good perception or learning abilities.

  1. Slant of the strokes

If the writing sample shows a right slant, it conveys that the writer has high level of confidence and is full of energy. If the slant is towards the left, the person tends to have visible unwillingness to write. The straight vertical slant tends to reflect the calmed composure of the person. However, this criterion is not applicable on the left-handed people.

  1. Size of the letters

The size of the letters tends to convey a lot. A person who writes short letters is thrifty and introvert in nature while on the other hand, if the person writes considerably big letters, the person tend to be extrovert.

Well! These were few basic criteria of the graphology over which the handwriting experts tend to guess and arrive at conclusions about the personality of a person. However, Graphology is quite pseudoscientific in nature as the conclusions tend to depend upon the perception of the handwriting expert. Despite of this demerit, this science conveys basic personality trait of a person accurately which could easily be correlated in daily life.

At a personal level, I feel that writing should be legible and somewhat presentable.

Hope you liked this informative piece. To know more, stay tuned.