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In today’s world, the competition level in jobs, careers and professionalism are soaring high. With high competition and increasing population, especially in the Indian context, the young generation is frustrated and baffled as they are not able to find appropriate jobs and are also not able to develop their innate talents. Apart from this, many dedicated youngsters are not even able to fulfill their ambitions.
Well! Thinking upon these issues faced by every youth, herein, I wish to highlight upon the Indian Education System which unknowingly tend to serve as a root cause of all the problems. It is unfortunate yet important to acknowledge the problems associated with the education system in our nation.
It is a noteworthy fact that India was home to numerous educational institutions especially in Nalanda and Takshashila. It is momentous to note 2700 years ago, Takshashila University was home to more than 10,000 students across the world. Apart from this, the knowledge was imparted through Gurukul Ashrams all over India wherein not only healthy interactive sessions were held between Gurus (Teachers) and their Shishyas (Students) but the practical teachings were also promoted. Thus, our Indian Education System used to stand out from other teaching techniques.
However, it is quite unfortunate to note that in today’s world of technological advancements, the Indian Educational System does not promote any kind of practical teachings. The kids, right from the very beginning are asked to mug up the things and usually their curiosity and creativity get vanished because of their hefty schedules. Later on, these kids develop a kind of robotic mindset wherein they are programmed to pursue medicine, engineering or governmental jobs in the later stages. Ultimately, their curiosity, creativity and originality tend to die out in their future. The engineers and doctors of our nation have lots of theoretical knowledge but their practical knowledge is delimited which they tend to learn as they practice but not while they study unlike the other countries.
Apart from this, neither the curriculum as well as books of our Indian educational system are revised nor updated as a result of which they at times lack authentic information with missing facts and figures. It is surprising to note that the NCERT books based upon CBSE pattern has more than thousand errors collectively. In his way, we tend to impart unauthentic and doubtful knowledge to the youngsters which can lead to problems in the later stages.
The students these days have lack of awareness about their subjects and career opportunities available to them as a result of which their options are limited. This is major drawback of the educational techniques followed at schools. The students are engrossed in their books and are not able to develop their innate talents.
Well! I just want to bring out the fact that the word ‘Education’ is derived from the word ‘educere’ whose literal meaning is to develop the innate talent of the person. Thus, while providing the education to our loved ones, we must work for not destroying the innate, original talent of the person. Once the person develops the innate talent practically, person can not only attain desired success but will also have a bright future ahead.
This is a small effort to make the readers realize the importance of authentic and appropriate kind of education in life which does not come from books or scoring the highest in the exams but which is associated with the development of the real curiosity and inner talent of the person.
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