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The Gujarat election is becoming tumultuous and stormy day by day and despite prime minister Narendra Modi’s impressive public meetings enticing full assurance of support from majority of the electorates on Gujarat pride issue, political analysts say that the 24 year old leader Hardik Patel’s increasing anti BJP and pro Rahul and Congress campaign has to a great extent shaken and politically threatened the state’s BJP leadership.

Though there is not an inkling of doubt that various opinion polls have so far shown BJP winning the Gujarat polls, but as the election date is nearing while Nehru Gandhi scion and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Patidar leader carrying the majority support of over 12% votes of the influensive patidar community Hardik Patel, OBC leader Jignesh and Alpesh Thakor have accelerated their political campaigning and vociferous attacks on the ruling BJP including its top leadership, already facing an anti incumbency factor due to its being in power for the last 19 protracted years the enhanced tirade of the opposition seems to have visibly shaken the state ruling party leadership and it was on 12th November that an alleged morphed CD of Hardik Patel was made available to TV channels by unknown sources to defame his image.

This clearly shows how badly is the state BJP shaken and disturbed. However,  equally visibly upset was the Patidar leader then and  had to become offensive when he accused the state BJP leaders of allegedly planting a morphed sex CD showing somebody like him with a woman to pre strategically denigrate his image. Denying and outrightly rejecting the highly objectionable CD showing him with a woman in an uncompromising act Hardik had accused the BJP of intentionally doctoring it to defame his image, reputation and increasing popularity.

He added that it’s the old tactics and habit of BJP that when they become apprehensive of losing the polls they resort to such cheap and unethical practices to defame their political rivals.The BJP has however, outrightly denied. Similarly, the BJP was in a dock earliar, last month, when prior to this incident, one of Hardik’s associate Narendra Patel has presented a first instalment of wads of currency, Rs ten lakhs, in front of the media given to him by the Gujarat state BJP leaders as a bribe to join the BJP assuring 90 lakhs to be presented later on.

Patel’s exposure has really led to the defamation of the BJP when the state campainging for the election is in a full swing. As the dates of elections are nearing the poll of Gujarat has heated up to the maximum with Rahul Gandhi and his entire team holding good number of public meetings being further strengthened as well, by the anti BJP campaigning of Hardik Patel and OBC leaders’ like Jignesh.

However, the Gujarat election this time too seems to be going in favour of the BJP as political analysts say that come what may the Gujarat pride factor and the freebies delivered and assured by prime minister Narendra Modi and his government to the tune of several thousand crores pertaining to its development and jobs to the weaker sections will definitely bore fruits and help in BJP’s return for another term.

The spate of incessant development in Gujarat during and after Modi’s tenure and his every possible efforts to break into the Patidar vote bank by participating in the Narayanswamy Mutt event which comprises of maximum devotees of the patidar community compounded with giving the Gujaraties a direct flight from London to Ahmedabad and a hi speed bullet train project worth more than Rs.100 crores are some of the revolutionary developmental achievements that are bound to go in BJP’S FAVOUR.

Yes, but the Congress is bound to improve its tally this time due to Rahul’s increasing efforts and anti BJP stance of Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh Thakur the leaders of Patidar, OBC and the dalit communities. However, whatever, may be the result of this election but one thing is definitely confirmed that despite the Congress facing defeats in several states in the recently held elections, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has always kept his moral high as a strong and dashing leader of the oldest political party of the country.

His increasing mobilisation capacity and single handedly taking on the ruling party tirades in Gujarat and Himachal despite all odds has proved beyond doubt that the Gandhi family scion is a horse of long race who believes in strugglung relentlessly even if he loses every battle. This fighting spirit of Rahul Gandhi has atleast kept the spirit of the rank and file of the party renewed with enthusiasm and potent zeal that will definitely help the party come to power again at the centre, sooner or later.



The Gujarat election which has become a prestige issue more for prime minister Narendra Modi than the Nehru Gandhi family scion and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has now assumed tremendous significance, particularly in view of the open declaration of support by the Gujarat’s most popular and well acclaimed 24 year old youth leader of Patidar community Hardik Patel.

Till yesterday, the attitude and temperament of Patel was sort of a zig zag nature as he was not in a position to outrightly decide whether to go with the Congress Party or not. But after the formal entry of the Rajput leader having his say in the Dalit and OBC community as well, Kalpesh Thakur in Congress and sharing joint political stage with Rahul Gandhi compounded with the soft corner of Jignesh Bhavani and perhaps internal pressures from the powerful Patidar community he has finally decided to support the Congress in this election. In view of the the support of Bhivani, Kalpesh and Hardik to Congress in Gujarat it seems for sure that a solid and credible combination of Dalits, Patidars, Rajputs and the OBC would be paving a direct and formidable challenge to the centrally and state ruling party BJP which had been succesful to keep the 135 year od Congress Party out of power in Gujarat for 22 protracted years.

Gujarat election is also significant from the point of view of deciding the future of the 2019 general election in which the Bhartiya Janata Party and Prime minister Narendra Modi are extremely confident of again staging a victory hands down thus compelling the main opposition Congress to bite the dust as declared by Modi and Amit Shah in their number of public meetings. While Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a more dynamic and dashing leader in the context of Gujarat campaigning this time with countering every move of prime minister Narendra Modi by vociferously denouncing him and his government on the issues of demonetisation and GST acknowledging tremendous support and applauds from the audience in largely attended public meetings the BJP chief Amit Shah and PM Modi are trying to win the hearts of Gujaraties by accusing the Congress as anti Gujarat and anti Gujarati MANUSH and terming this election as the election of Gujarati pride and choice between dynasty or development, by announcing various pre election sops worth of rupees 11000 crores that includes massive employment opportunuties apart from the over all development of Gujarat.

These sops are in addition to the already declared over ambitious projects like hi speed bullet train and the completed, long expected Sardaar Sarovar Dam project. This election will also decide the fate of the patidar community leader Hardik Patel who’ve extended his whole hearted support to Congress Party without contesting a single seat but solely banking on the Congress Party’s assurances of giving reservation to the forward patidar community after they return to power in Gujarat.

But how, or will it be really fulfilled is anybody’s guess as the honourable Apex court has already rejected this proposition as the reservation could not exceed the 50% limit legally and constitutionally. However, though internally extremely apprehensive of the growing political influence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi whose graph on twitter and Gujarat has magically gone on acendense, its leaders like Amit Shah n PM Modi are still highly confident of winning Gujarat keeping in view their spate of previous victories in 9 states out of 14 where elections were held after the BJP’s historic coming to power at the centre.

If political analysts are to be believed the anti incumbency factor majorly plays a pivotal role in each election except in some exceptional cases. And since Bjp is ruling the state for the last nineteen years, it’s not necessary that it can’t loose. The chances of Rahul seems to bright while that of BJP bleak. But if BJP really wins as is undeniable as well, it’s bound to repeat power by winning the 2019 elections, hands dow. What do you say friends?



Amid allegations and counter accusations on each other by the the leaders of major contending political parties in Gujrat, the Congress and BJP over delaying the poll dates of Gujarat elections, the poll dates have finally been declared today by the chief Election Commisioner in New Delhi.

The Gujarat elections will be held in two phases. The first phase would be on 9th December, Tuesday on which 89 legislative constituencies would go to poll whereas the second phase polling covering 93 constituencies would go to poll on 14th, Tuesday respectively. Around 4.30 crores voters will go to polls on both the above dates while the counting for votes for Gujarat as well as Himachal and declaration of results would materialise on 18th December.

In the meanwhile the trend of accusations and counter accusations has considerably increased after the declaration of the poll dates in Gujarat with Congress accusing the BJP of pre strategically delaying the poll dates of Gujarat as the party wanted to given the prime minister Modi enough time to declare developmental projects/ election sops for the electorates amounting to over 1600 crores or even more.

The BJP on the other hand countered the allegations as baseless saying that the Congress party and its leaders are a frustrated lot today especially after the various opinion polls declaring them as being badly defeated at the hands of BJP in these state elections. It may be recalled that the Gujarat election has assumed a special significance in view of BJP making it a huge prestige issue, particularly in view of the challenge from the popular 24 year old leader of the patidar community Hardik Patel who’s likely to bend towards Congress with another prominent leader of the Rajput, Dalit and OBC combine Alpesh Thakur already joining the Congress party componded with exposure of state BJP leadership of being involved in corrupt practices viz. making 10 lakh rupees payment as initial instalment to Narendra Patel, associate of Hardik for joining BJP out of a total deal of Rupees one crore.

Moreover, the Nehru Gandhi scion and Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi is also holding good number of public meetings denouncing demonetisation and GST as anti people, enticing large crowds. The Congress party is out of the power in the state for the last 22 years and the BJP is in power in 14 states while Congress in 4. The Gujarat election seems to be a litmus test for BJP and prime minister Modi that will pave the way for its victory in the 2019 general elections.








The english version of the book was released in 2016 and was later on translated in many regional languages. One of the best sellers, “Gujarat Files – Leepapoti ka Pardafash” have been brought out for the benefit of the vast Hindi readers of India after its English and South Indian lauguage editions did a bumper sale. The book comprising of the foreword of justice VN Srikrishna from Mumbai has pieces of appreciations from actor and writer Nasruddin Shah and various leading dailies of the country.

Rana Ayub a leading investigating journalist who worked with TEHELKA for a pretty long time had cladestinely changed her name and status for eight months incessantly and risked her life while investigating the antithesis of Gujarat riots, fake encounters and the death of the former Gujarat Home Minister Hiren Pandya.

This interesting read, Gujarat Files is in a way a concrete documentation of the complete investigated details of her deep efforts, commitment and perseverence during her eight month of investigative diggings in the Gujarat administration talking with and interviewing bureaucrats, senior police officers, politicians and people who really mattered with undercover secretive cameras and tape recorders.

Posing herself as Maithili Tyagi, a film producer of American Film Institute Conservatory, Rana Ayub while risking her life interviewed every important police officer and top bureaucrat who were working in Gujarat government from 2001 till 2010. The book based on the recorded versions of these officials caught on secret camera and tape unabiguously exposes their explicit involvement in Gujarat riots that claimed several innocent lives.

Conclusively, Gujarat files is a detailed exposure of brave and courageous woman journalist who left no stone unturned to expose the ugly face of the unholy nexus of politicians, senior police officers and bureaucrats who while deliberately restrained themselves to reveal the truth before the various Enquiry commissions but in cladestine and secretive conversations openly accepted the complicity of those at helm in Gujarat during 2001 to 2010. Costing rupees 295 the book keeps the reader interestingly intact and involved as according to its author the contents of this 210 page Book are entirely true, authentic and without any bias as she possese all the recorded version of the entire story and the transcript. The book has been published by the Gulmohar publication.


Prime minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat allegiance and his love for Gujaraties is, these days being acknowleged in real actions in the form of rewards to the inhabitants of the state which he ruled as its Chief Minister for three times in succession and there can’t be the biggest reward ever, than an over ambitious project of worth 108 lakh crores in the form of an extremely hi tech bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with the financial and technical support of China’s bete noire and India’ s trusted friend Japan. This is not the first time that prime minister Modi has obliged the people of his state with such a precious gift but during his last year’s England sojourn/ tour he gifted the Gujraties with London to Ahmedabad Air India service, as well, that was long awaited.

Therefore, if we say that Gujarat, today is the luckiest state to have Narendra Modi as PM, would not be wrong or statement of over estimation. In addition to this, the Gujarat’s leading entrepreneur and an industrialist who also happens to be his friend and protagonist is also entering into the indeginous production of defence fighter plane with foreign collaboration “SAAB” of Swedan in the near future. There is not an inkling of doubt that though Narendra Modi is the prime minister of the whole country but his attention, allegience and concentration in the development of Gujarat is still on the anvil and in view of the fast approaching Gujarat election he does not want to loose any opportunity and chance to ensure the over all development of Gujarat.

That’s the reason that whether it was the visit of the Chinese president or the premier of Japan, including other heads of countries abroad, he never forgets to take them to his own state under the garb of visiting father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi’s land of birth, the state of Gujarat and his Sabarmati Ashram. Who does not know that after the completion of the highly prosperous Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet train project they’ll be primarily Gujarat and Mumbai who’ ll be largely benefitted by this Indo Japanese trade corridor, not the entire country. But prime minister Modi’ s efforts need to be complimented as even after shifting his power centre to Delhi after assuming the significant office of the Prime minister Gujarat and Gujraties are still his prime priority, the state and its affectionate people that helped and blessed him to be its chief minister for a long spell and later on the prime minister of the country by their resounding support.

Election bound Gujarat which happens to be Modi’s home state, in addition to the over-ambitious 108 lakh crore bullet train project will also benefit with Japanese financial and tecnological assistence. An agreement between Japan international coperation agency and the Gujarat maritime board for developing the Alang ship building board besides the establishment of two Industrial Parks have  also been signed between both the countries

In order to counter the One Road One Belt initiatives both India and Japan will also strive to enhance their international cooperation with Asia and Africa with special focus on developing infrastructural projects in which Japan will invest heavily.

What’ seems to be special about the whopping financial aid of 88000 crores to India in the bullet train project is that Japan would charge a negligible interest of merely 0.1% annually which has been highly appreciated by prime minister Modi while addressing a large gathering of people at the inauguration function of this long pending project in Gujarat today.



Gandhi Nagar: On Friday chairman of reliance Industries Limited chairman, Mukesh Ambani attended convocation ceremony of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University which is run by the Reliance Industries and in that ceremony he gave very good speech about the Digital future of India.

He spoke about the progress which India can make in next 20 years and explained that he believes in progress and according to him humanity will see more progress as compared to last century because of development in technology and most importantly digitization.

He said that sometimes it will be actually easier to accomplish the dream you thought were impossible only yesterday. Do not make him wrongly, as it will require more hard work and dedication.

He also feels that technology is the key for progress as it will solve many unsolved problems in next 20 years.

In this convocation HRD Minister Prakash Javadkar and Chief Minister of Gujrat, Vijay Rupani was also present and they also addressed students of the Deendayal University.

Mr Javedkar said that the Narendra Modi‘s Government has given importance to innovation and has also started many schemes so that innovation gets a boost in the Country.

He said “We have got such a Prime Minister in the Country who says that India will progress only by innovation and research.  When he says “Make in India”, that is not just manufacturing in India. He is telling our intellectual students to innovate, he is telling investors to invest. So come innovate, invest, manufacture and sell made in India goods with pride.”