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Many scientific presentations miss out on impressing the audience due to their inappropriate data, complex language of the text in the presentation and their focusing on what to say rather than knowing about their audience’s listening interests. Your overall presentation wholly depends on two things: the way you present it and the content that you use in your presentation slides.

Engaging your audience in the information that you are delivering and giving that in a dynamic manner is the key concern. If you really want to have a Good Scientific talk and an effective Scientific Visual Aid, here are some of the points for you to keep in your mind:

1) Confident and Knowledgeable Speaker

The speaker must be confident and knowledgeable enough to speak in front of such a vast audience. Many listeners/ viewers are not even interested in reading the content written in the presentation, they wholly depend on the speaker for this. Thus, whatever the speaker says must be right and to the point.

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2)  Sequenced Material

All the content that you show should be done in a sequencing manner.

ŸThe presentation should start with a lead paragraph that includes the introduction of the topic. It should contain the main information of the topic.

Ÿ Then is the body which includes the explanation of the lead paragraph and all the major solutions to the problems discussed in the introduction.

Ÿ Lastly, the conclusion is the ending of the presentation. It also includes the overview of the whole presentation briefly.

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3) See your audience while speaking

Remember, you are talking to your audience and not to the presentation screen. Look at your audience while talking and interact with them. Even if you need to see the points on the screen, just have a look on them and turn back to the audience while giving that information. The more you interact with the audience, the more interested they get in the scientific talk.

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4) Graphics are very important

Graphics are of key concern in the presentations. The Font Size used in the content of your slides should be big enough and bold to be visible to the audience sitting at the back also. Colourful illustrations and cartoons are creative and interesting, thus they should be used. Avoid useless Graphics and the graph (if needed) should be easy and clear to be understood.

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5) Humour also works

In order to seek the audience’s attention and not make the presentation boring use humorous punching lines in between the speech and the presentation. Jokes relax the audience and make a great impact in their minds as they understand the information quite easily through these.

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In the major Scientific and medical communities, giving effective presentations play a vital role. Powerful presentations are one of the most important ways of sharing your achievements and information with your audience in a professional manner. If your presentations are effective, it means you are able to cater and involve a huge number of audiences in your views, opinions as well as the information. Keeping the upper points in mind, you can deliver an effective scientific presentation to a number of people.