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The first DLC for Guerrilla’s masterpiece in a post-post apocalyptic world inhabited by various tribes – and robots. Lots of robots.  For a start, in the trailer Aloy was in her insanely strong Shieldweaver armour, which negates a vast chunk of damage from even a Thunderjaw’s stomp. That seems to imply that the DLC could introduce a New Game+ mode with extra difficulty, especially as the Banuk chief – the most mystical of Horizon’s tribes – mentions the ‘glory of the hunt’. Speaking of, there’s also a new beast lurking in the smoke. It guards the Mountain that Aloy’s looking to delve into, and is possibly a bear or gorilla, judging from the trailer. Whatever it is, make sure Aloy is stocked up on arrows. She’s gonna need them.Lurking in E3’s The Frozen Wilds trailer are hints that Yellowstone National Park is the home of a new type of robot – perhaps even especially made for a New Game+ mode.There’s a roaring in the distance. Trees are trembling. Billowing smoke swirls around the tip of the Mountain, electricity crackling through it. Deep inside is a secret – one that you’re going to help Aloy uncover. November 7th 2017 will see the release of Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC, which sends the flame-haired Seeker, hunter, and unstoppable force of nature to what looks like Ban-Ur, the homeland of the mystical Banuk tribe. She’s heard of some kind of mystery that waits inside the Mountain, and although the trailer is barely 2 minutes long, we’ve gleaned some key details from it. Forget all the words, and take away just these two: Yellowstone. Bear. Ahem – or maybe that should be ‘gorilla’. The arguments for either animal are convincing to say the least…

Most of the details you can guess: there’s a new map, new weapons, and new settlements. 10 hours of hunting in the lush post-post apocalyptic world awaits, with Guerrilla’s Managing Director Hermen Hulst calling the DLC “very substantial”.

Release date: October 7, 2017