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Google has launched its new app called Trips app and this application will give you all required information to plan, organize and manage your trips.

Most of the Internet is owned by Google in many ways as it the biggest search engine in the World and to some people World Wide Web means Google only as it can search anything for you and it is possible because of the huge database which it maintains and uses to develop various applications as data and content is the key to virtual World.

So let us check out the new Google app called Google trips and how to use it. It is a one stop shop for planning, organizing and managing your trips and the users of Google Now than you will find that Google trip app is an extended version of it.

How to use Google Trip app?

First of all download the application from Google Play store and then open the app and search for your destination and create a trip by assigning dates. After this you have too book tickets of hotel room after this a reservation tab will be populated with the information based on the emails you have received from the hotel or any other booked ticket for traveling. You will get many suggestions from the Google app based on the destination, hotel, and mode of traveling.

From this point the application will become more interesting for you because when you save a location as like then it will get saved to a “saved places” and will be available offline also along with phones numbers, maps and reviews.

The app will provide you offline information about the places you have already saved and all other things which you can do around in that place.

This app also has tab called need to know which will give you emergency numbers and other information for the specific location.

This app uses the user generated content and will become better when more people will start using it and add data in it.