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Margao: The Indian Defence Minister, Manoj Parrikar on Saturday told at the media conference that he has instructed army to shoo at anyone possessing an AK-47 machine gun as it is clear that they do not have good intentions. This is a bold instruction which is given to the armed force personnel and quite obvious also because only bad elements or militants keep these kinds of weapons expect the Army.

Manoj Parrikar was attending a BJP campaign rally named ‘Vijay Sankalp Mahamelava’ held at the Government high school grounds in the Fatorda constituency.

Apart from the development problem India has continuously facing the terrorist problems and now with BJP in Center corrective measure are taken by the Government and these also seems  to be right which would definitely help the nation to become a developed country.

Parriakar also mentioned the surgical strike conducted after the Uri terrorist attack. He also told that after the Bofors scam in 1986 the Indian Government was not able to purchase any new machinery and now almost after 30 years approvals have been given for the purchase of Howitzers and self- propelled artillery and now the contracts are given to the Indian Companies to boost Make in India campaign.

Defence ministry also purchased Tejas squadron for Indian Air Force which has boost the morale of the army.

He also seems confident about winning the next elections and sure that BJP would win 26 seats in the forthcoming Goa assembly elections, he further urged the electorate not to repeat the mistake of not electing the BJ Fatroda candidate that he feels happened due to miscommunication.

He applauded BJP for its demonitisation scheme and said that if BJP is not elected than it will result in an unstable government prone to defections and only a broker will benefit from such instability. He was also concerned about the Goa’s two former chief ministers who opposed the demonetization move and said that the public has not just accepted this move but also welcomed this decision which was meant to curb the black money, terror funding and drugs trade.

He urged people of Goa to elect BJP this time especially in the neighboring constituencies of Margao and Curtorim and further appealed to the voters that they should not differentiate themselves as North-South Goa.