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After the massive fire in the Sanvri village under the jurisdiction of the Mori block in Uttarkashi that ravaged completely the entire village devastating each and every house to the ground taking the lives of several pet animals, the chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat visited the affected village and distributed cheques worth of Rs 49 lakhs to every affected family and also shared the agony with the victimised families.

While no human life was claimed a good number of pet animals got literally burnt in this massive fire. While the media highlighted this issue to a great extent the monetary compensation per house and per family still seems to be little or not enough particularly keeping in view the extensive damaged caused and the village razed to the ground completely.

The affected people are demanding for more as the loss is extensive and beyond convenient repair. This is the greatest tragedy in the recent times as the entire village has been razed to ground with myriad loss to the houses and animal lives. Thank God there was no loss of human life. The district magistrate Mr. Chouhan left no stone unturned to do his best to help the villagers by reaching the spot quite in time with whatever possible means of rescue.

The gesture of the chief minister Trivendra Rawat was also appreciable who tried to do his best to deliever immediate financial relief to the victimised and shattered families. Meanwhile, majority of the peoole are of the view that in this hour of grave crisis the lawmakers of Uttarakhand across partyline should atleast donate their one month’s salary to financially help the victimised 45 to 50 families of the fire ravaged village SANVRI under MORI, block in Uttarkashi to become a shining outstanding example of philanthropy in Uttarakhand who otherwise incur lakhs and lakhs of Rupees in their election campaigning.


Expansionist China, after having been unsuccessful in its attempt to construct a road on the Bhutan, Sikkim, Tibet tri junction, trying to establish its proximity to India’s North eastern states from the security point of view and not able to finally establish its military sovereignity in the disputed area called Doklam, after Bhutan and India’s strict objections, the over ambitious dragon has once again faced a severe blow at the hands’ of one more SAARC nation, another Himalayan country and India’s trusted friend of decades, Nepal.

The prime minister of Nepal a non communist Deuba has cancelled the huge contract of the Chinese firm known as Ghezauba group, worth billions of dollars for construction of a 1, 200 megawatt hydropower project. The project was the part of the over ambitious one road one belt initiative of the Chinese government to establish its trade and political hegemony in the Asian subcontinent, especially.

This is not the unilateral decision of the Nepalese prime minister but had been endorsed by the entire cabinet. Scrapping an awarded project to a Chinese company amounts to a sort of an open defiance  (of) a mighty world power who is trying to woo Nepal, a tiny Hindu nation under its influence by way of various developmental projects, economic assistence including coercive tectics with rail links.

The project scrapped is named as Budhi Gandaki Hydropower project and was worth 2.5 billion dollars. It seems, Nepal is now gradually trying to come out of the dragon’s grip particularly when national elections in the Himalayan nation are nearing and the entire left political parties are uniting together with the dragon’s financial support to challenge the current political dispensation.

When communist Prachanda was at the helm in Nepal, Nepal-China relations touched a new height with the latter getting enough opportunities to start various bilateral projects in the Himalayan nation belying decades of long term friendship with India. China had been trying since long to diplomatically or through economic appeasement influence Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh to surround India from the security point of view but it hadn’t succeeded so far despite umpteen attempts.

Now, it’s trying to make trade and infrastructural inroads in these SAARC NATONS having already fully triumphed in the matter of Pakistan, India’s traditional foe.