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Ghansi Ram cuts off his private part


A frustrated man who did not have sex with his wife for almost 12 years chopped off his private parts with a kitchen knife in a fit of rage. He alleged that his wife Manjhri Devi did not allowed him to touch her so he became very frustrated and one day he came home drunk and started pestering his wife for sex but his wife kept turning down his request and he lost his cool and chopped off his genitals. He is 37 years old and a father of three kids.

man-who-chopped-his-penisHe was immediately taken to the village doctor by the villagers. However his wife has claimed that he used to drink every night and that is why she used to refuse him and denied for sex. She further told that he was always drunk whenever he used to reach home and because of this reason she was angry with him and now he has put all the blame on her and she has not done anything.

Till no complaints have been filed in this matter and Ghasi Ram is ok taking rest at his home and would be getting further treatment.