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get back your confidence


Sometimes you face situations where you do not feel confident enough to go ahead and makes you lose your self- esteem, but one should maintain the sanity and do some confidence boosting exercises.

You can try some of them mentioned below:

Try to have a carefree attitude

Always wear a smile on your face and straight posture because these are two most important tools to start with. It does not matter whether you are feeling strong from inside or not but you can pretend to be strong and be helpful, be loving but never submissive. Take risks and correct things which are wrong.

Always look into the eyes of others while talking and nod as you listen and feel like that you are not bothered about what people think about you and gracefully accept criticism but on the same hand do not let other pull you down.

Do not wait for others to praise you

Praise yourself and do not wait for others to praise you because it will be very hard for others to praise you and make you feel motivated and confident. It is you who has to take this responsibility and appreciate yourself when you accomplish even a small task.

Always dress well and be presentable to others every day. Show your gratitude and express self-confidence. So from now on stop disliking yourself and boost yourself with a lot of positive energy.

Make a list of your strengths

It is a simple exercise which you should definitely do to feel more confident and really does not matter even if you have more weaknesses than strength because this happens with everyone and try to weigh your high notes than the downfalls. So, next time whenever you feel low take out the list and check your strengths.

Choose right people and company

It really makes a difference when you are around with right people who make a good company and understand you better; they are always there to cheer you up when you feel low. It could be your friends, family or colleagues or relatives but you should have positive people around you.