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Pakistan is such a great lier, untrustworthy, betrayer and a back stabber nation that its example could not be found elsewhere in the whole world. It’s the symbol of pack of lies and therefore its foundation is based on manipulations, fraudism, lies, deceit and above all mercilessly killing the innocents. While on the one hand India represents true secularism and solely believes in the principle of peaceful coexistence and amity where Muslim population is nearly double the Pakistan’ s, living in peace and tranquility, on the contrary in Pakistan the Hindu minority is in the state of constant terror having been reduced to negligible minority. Pakistan as the whole world knows is today a country symbolising ghastly terrorism where terror sanctuaries are being fully promoted, encouraged, blessed, aided and abetted and then exported to India and other nations of the world to create havoc of unimaginativly gigantic proportion.

India is the constant victim of Pak supported terrorism where hundreds of thousands of innocents have fallen victim to its sponsored terrorists from J&K to other parts of the country. It’s such a shameless and obstinate nation lead by rulers believing in clear lies and deciet against India to manage its local politics, that they don’ t even feel ashamed to misguide and betray the world community through their ridulous and shocking childish habits by expressing their white lies even in prestigious bodies like UN General Assembly. Now take the case of Pakistan’s Ambassador to UNGA Mrs Lodhi who after getting badly frustrated and furious after the Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj’s huge rebuff to Pakistan on terror funding and creating militant sanctuaries in their country, today unsuccessfully waved the fake picture a a women showing her as an injured Kashmiri women which actually was of the Gaza women injured in 2014/15 inviting tremendous flak and criticism in the UN General Assembly as well as in the whole world.

The latest news dispatch says:
Pakistan received flak from all quarters on Sunday after the country’s envoy to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi allegedly showed 2014 Gaza war victim’s photograph as an image of Indian atrocities at the UN General Assembly. Lodhi showed the photograph terming it as the face of “Indian democracy” identifying the injured won as the victim of atrocities. Not only this but now Pakistan has stooped so low that it’s directly meddling in India’s internal domestic politics and using the phrases such as Secularism thus accusing the Modi government of being fanatic from the religious point of view and creating division within various communities on religious lines i.e. propagating hindu fanaticism. Pak’ s UN ambassador even went to the extent of accusing India as a terrorist nation creating disruption and disturbances inside Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that after Swaraj’s hard hitting speech tearing Pakistan apart in UNGA just a day before the latter has gone insane and badly frustrated particularly after its shameful exposure in this global body.
Using words like fascists, communalists dictators against India and terming India as mother of terrorists in entire Sourh Asia Pakistan envoy to UN Mrs. Lodhi accused the BJP of massacaring innocents and muslims in the 2002 Godhra riots and Kashmir forgetting that its they not India involved in mass scale massacres and human rights violations in Baluchistan, various parts of Pakistan, Kashmir and in the entire Asian Sub continent. Shame on them.