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Do you feel bloated or gassy all the time and now frustrated from this problem because if you will not change your lifestyle then it will create many problems in a long run so it is advised not to eat those food which creates problem of bloating, burping and passing gas.

It is really uncomfortable feeling and it is not uncommon to experience these symptoms but when it puts you in an embarrassing situation then it could be worth looking at the below tips which would definitely help you in curbing this problem.

Usually burping, bloating and gas passing happens because of breakdown of food in the digestive track or swallowing too much air while eating.

There are certain foods which take time to breakdown and gas is the leftover product when those foods sit in colon where the undigested particles are fermented and if you know that which creates gas problem after eating than these should be strictly avoided.

Foods which enhances the gas and bloating problem

Dairy Products

Some people who have problem from having dairy products should avoid having them and switch to lactose free milk, cheese or soy alternatives. Indigestion of dairy products happens because of less production of Lactase enzyme by our body and almost all dairy products contains lactose as a result lactose intolerance leads to bloating and gas.

Vegetables which are difficult to digest

As we know everybody suggests not avoiding vegetables and that is true but there some vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts which are known creating gas problem. It happens because these vegetables contains complex sugar called raffinose and it is difficult for our body to digest this sugar and sometimes our body passes it to the large intestine where bacteria break it down and produces excess gas.

Do not eat fruits which contains Sorbitol

There are some fruits like Apple, Pears and Prunes which contains sugar called sorbitol and again this sugar is also difficult to digest. When our body passes these foods to the large intestine where it is ready to be broken down by the bacteria and as a result carbon monoxide, methane and large amount of hydrogen gas are produced which causes bloating.

Whole Grains

If you already suffer from bloating and gas problem then try to avoid whole grains as they contain the same complex sugar raffinose which is hard to digest so avoid those wholegrains which have high amounts of fiber content.


Beans are also known for causing extreme bloating and gas problem because these also contain the same complex sugar raffinose. If you still want to eat beans then soak them for overnight to reduce the amount of gas produced.

Aerated Drinks

Avoid aerated drinks because these carbonated drinks cause gas and bloating in a different way. When we drink carbonated drink we also swallow some air with it the sizzy air bubbles causes to get trapped in the digestive tract so find some better alternatives.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are not good for those having bloating problem because they contain fructose and lactose which are the main culprit of causing gas and bloating problem.

Avoid Onion

We love onions but do you know that onion is also a major contributor for creating gas problem and it happens because they contain fructose that contributes to the high amount of gas produced.

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