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One of the best football teams of the country and Uttarakhand having the history of decades Garhwal Heroes Football Club, Delhi has scored victory over Uttarakhand police footballers and won the prestigious late Puran Chand Uniyal first national football Tournament title in the final match held at Srinagar, Garhwal Uttarakhand on 14th March. The Garhwal Heroes defeated Uttarakhand police with 2-1 goals in the interesting finals in the presence of hundreds of football fans and lovers.

The education minister of government of Uttarakhand Dhan Singh Rawat presented the winner team of Garhwal Heroes Football Club, the prestigious trophy and a cheque of rupees one lakh while the runners up Uttarakhand police received the cheque of rupees 75 thousand.

The final match organised by the Aditi Nyas was held between the Garhwal Heroes football team and the Uttarakhand police the GI& TI grounds Srinagar, Garhwal where both the team played quite potentially generating tremendous interest and curiosity amongst the spectators and football lovers.

It was just 13 minutes after the start of the match that Shashank Mamgain alias Tikari of Garhwal Heroes scored the first goal in GI&TI grounds. Thereafter the Uttarakhand Police got good number of opportunities to score goals but the stiff resistence of Garhwal Heroes near the goal post D area, successfully countered the Uttarakhand Police’s every attempt.

However, the Uttarakhand Police team was too lucky to get a penalty chance at the 83rd minute of the game when a fault was committed by the Garhwal Heroes through Head hitting. This penalty shoot by Sher Singh of Uttarakhand police was succesful and the score of both the teams equalised at 1-1.

However despite tremendous competition the match ended in a draw after 90 minutes. Therefore an additional time of 15 minutes were granted to both the teams.

On the 97th minute of the game the Delhi’s Garhwal Heroes were lucky enough to get the free kick and Anup Thapa of the Heroes succesfully hit the goal to the cheers of hundreds of footbal fans.

No teams could score in the remaining 8 minutes and the Garhwal Heroes Football Club was declared the champion in the finals of Tournament.

Shashan Mamgain of Garhwal Heroes was adjudged as the best footballer of the tournament for individually scoring maximum goals( three) and was felicitated with a trophy and gold medal.

Neeraj Bhandari of Garhwal Eleven was declared the best player whereas Virendra Pandey of Uttarakhand Police was given the status of best goalkeeper. The LNIP team of Gwalior was accorded the title of Fair Play Team.


A cross section of the people of the country and Uttarakhand in particular are badly annoyed and disenchanted over the arbitrary registration of murder charges against the major and another trooper of 10 Garhwal Rifles over the firing on the stone pelter crowd in self defence in Shopia, Kashmir by the Mehbooba Mufti led government of Jammu and Kashmir in a first ever attempt by any state police in the history of Indian Army who are tirelessly safe guarding our sensitive borders round the clock and countering the Pak sponsered terrorists hell bent upon vitiating the peaceful atmosphere of the border state and killing our Armymen, the local police and the innocents incessantly.

It’s a well known fact that several hundreds of our army Jawans, para military personels and innocent Kashmiris have fallen to the bullets of these Pak sponsored terrorists during the last several years while bravely and courageously fighting these anti national elements hell bent upon vitiating the traquil and peaceful communal fabric of J&K and the country. However, our valiant Armymen have killed hundreds of these terrorists in Kashmir and destroyed over 150 terror launch pads functioning in Pakistan in its most succesful terror strike.

These Pak sponsored terrorists have been instigating the stone pelters and local youths to act against India and the Army in the name of Jihad through Hawala financial networks and suppying them arms and ammunitions. The Army, Garhwal Rifles and other commands have been relentlessly fighting these terrorists, stone pelters and fidayeens to protect the local Kashmiris in an attempt to rid this strife torn state of these anti national elements.

While in the line of duty the Major and Jawans of 10 Garhwal Rifles were petrolling the strife torn Shophia area in Kashmir valley and were surrounded by a heavy mob of stone pelters and one of the stones’ hit the trooper, causing grievous injury. Seeing the situation going out of control and having been surrounded by the heavy crowd of stone pelters the Garhwal Rifle troopers were compelled to fire in air and self defence purely unintentionally leading to two casualties.

Sources say that had the jawans not fired in self defence their life would have been in total danger having been surrounded very closely by the stone pelting crowd. The Army spokesman said that it was purely the reflex action in self defence with no deliberate intention to harm anybody. But the Mufti Mohammed government and its police arbitrarily registered cases under murderous sections against two personels of 10 Garhwal Rifles, a first ever cowardice attempt against Armymen in India’s history. Though everyone has the sympathy for those killed in this action of self defence but the right thinking people of the country and those who know, how our patrotic Armymen by risking their lives every second in strife torn J&K and the tense borders are 24×7 gaurding our nation and safeguarding countrymen, are badly annoyed, disenchanted and furious over the arbitrary and politically motivated action of the PDP – BJP government led by Mehbooba Mufti.

The Bhartiya Janata Party has also expressed its serious concern and reservation on this issue and is trying to revoke the decision. There is overall resentment and annoyance all over the country and in Uttarakhand over this most uncalled for act against the Armymen of 10 Garhwal Rifles who are protecting our borders and fighting dreaded terrorists day and night risking their lives for our nation’s safety, security and unity.

The Indian Army is standing solidly with the Garhwal Rifles in this hour of crisis and has taken a stand that the firing was entirely in self defence and the situation warranted so. It may be recalled that the Indian Army stood solidly behind Major Lithul Gogoi also last year who tied one of the local Kashmiri youth, stone pelter over his Jeep’s bonnet and petrolled the area which was full of stone pelters. There was tremendous hue and cry all over India, particularly in Kashmir but the Army patted the Major and felicitated him with honours. The case of 10 Garhwal Rifles is now under the charge of the Deputy collector and its being said that an indepth impartial enquiry would be conducted in the matter expeditiously and all the cocerned parties would be heard before arriving at the final verdict.
According to eminent literateur, poet and linguist of Uttarakhand Dr. Satish Kaleshwari: It is shameful act. The Garhwal Rifles is the glory and honour of Indian Army. Discouraging Major Aditya with his ten brave soldiers is insult of the Indian Army. Jai Badri Vishal.


The traumatic incidents of leopard attacks on the inhabitants of Uttarakhand, particularly the women under the jurisdiction of Pauri Garhwal district are on the rise and the government of the state, particularly the forest department has literally failed to either to capture these wild man eater cats who’d let loose their reign of terror in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand or kill them as humans are moreimportant than anything else.

Just a day or two ago in GAGVADSIUN PATTI of Pauri Garhwal district a leopard had literally attacked a women and grabbed her from the back through its bloody thorny pawns making deep wounds in the morning hours when she alongwith her friends have gone to the nearby forest to collect fodder for cows and buffaloes.

After her women co mates who had also accompanied the injured in the nearby jungle for cutting the grass for the pet animals created furore and loud noise, did the leopard apprehensively, left the injured woman’s grip and fled leaving behind the highly terrified victim in utter shock and anguish, completely bleeding in pain with a wound measuring an inch or so.

The woman was lucky enough that she could protect herself after the commotion created by her friends and companions. GAGVARSIUN PATTI is just near the main Pauri township and the woman belonged to the Kehar village. There is a cohesive jungle in this area and leopards sighting during nights in particular is a common phenomena. Just a weak ago a leopard has entered a village cowshed in one of the villages’ of Kapolsiun patti in Kaljikhal block of Pauri Garhwal and had made few pets its food, injuring several others before fleeing.

Last month one of the leopards’ entered a house in Debradun city and was there for several hours creating havoc. There was panic all around. The police reached the scene in time but it took about four hours for the forest staff to reach the spot and that too without a tranquilising gun.

The person concerned possesing the tranquilising gun was in Haridwar. It was the good luck of the local populace that nobody was injured. However, the leopard later on ran away leaving everybody highly relieved. Similarly, in addition to several other such incidents, in October 2016, two women were seriously injured in a leopard attack in Almora district of Uttarakhand.

The incident happened at Pilkha village in Hawalabagh block of Almora. Victims Puja Devi, 22, and Uma Devi, 34, had gone to a forest for fodder when they were attacked by the leopard. Other women raised the alarm following which the leopard ran away but by then the beast had severely injured the two. Both were admitted to the district hospital where there condition is stated to be serious.

The forest officials, who rushed to the site of incident, later visited the hospital and handed over immediate assistance of Rs 5,000 each to families of both women. Villagers appealed to the forest officials for a prompt action to nab these man eaters.
Uttarakhand these days is in the severe grip of these freely roaming leopards who have become a grave threat to the lives of the women, children and the senior citizens who can’t ever feel secured during the day time.

The government of the day should do something credible to bring this critical situation under control. Saving of wild life is important but not at the cost of human lives should be the basic mantra of the government.



UTTARAKHAND is already under the grip of the terror of noctural animals like tigers and leopards and incidents of these predators killing children, women and the villagers are on the rise with the forest department of the himalayan state doing very little or negligible to safeguard the lives of the citizens. Recently few days before a tiger entered a house in a densely populated state capital Dehradun who later on betrayed the forest officials who reached the terror stricken locality and house after four hours devoid of the tranquiliser gun, posing further danger to the populace where the horrible cat must have eloped.

Similarly, these days the inhabitants of the Uttarkashi district of the Himalayan state Garhwal, Uttarakhand are in the horrifying grip of Himalayan wild bear terror where from October 2016 to December 2017 about more than fifteen incidents of wild bear attacks have taken place rendering the local inhabitants and women working in the agricultural fields badly exposed to high risks due to incessant wild bear attacks.

Just two days ago two women who had gone in the jungle of GAJOLI VILLAGE under Usi Ganga Valley for cutting grass for the cows and buffaloes were brutally attacked by the wild bear and had to be addmitted in the district hospital of Uttar Kashi with several grievous wounds.

These two women of Gajoli village situated about 18 kilometre away from the district head quarter in Uttarakashi namely Mashanti and Surja Devi had gone to the jungle that is two kilometre away to cut the grass for pet animals during the noon. The wild bear pounced on them while they were cutting grass and injured them grievously.

On desperately retaliating and making tremendouse noice, the bear went inside the bushes and the injured profusely bleeding women came back running. They were later on ferried to the district hospital by the forest officials on 108 ambulance. During the cool winters when the high peaks of the mountains are covered by snow these wild bears don’t get green vegetation to fulfil their hunger and are therefore constrained to come in the down stream areas near the human hamlets for food.

And in order to protect themselves they get provoked and attack the human beings. In Uttarakhand majority of the children, old aged and women are their victims. Sounds shocking that tiger and wild bear sighting’s have become common in Uttarakhand’s villages and even towns and cities posing grave danger to human lives, these days.

Till now just in a year’s time there have been 15 incidents of attacks in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, majority of them in the villages under the jurisdiction of Bhatwari Block followed by Naugaon and Badkot blocks of Uttarkashi districts in Garhwal Himalayas.

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The himalayan state of Uttarakhand despite adequate greenery and forest cover is reeling under acute water crisis, particularly due to the large sized dams constructed at the cost of environment and displacement of the local populace. While the Uttarakhand himalaya is the largest source of Ganga and Yamuna it’s surprising and shocking that the state itself is reeling under acute water crisis particularly during the summers which is also one of the main reason leading to the large scale influx of the people leaving their villages and thronging the cities, towns and metropolises of the country.

There is a general saying and the established fact that if the science plays with the natural flow of the rivers by constructing huge dams and blocking the uninterrupted natural flow of the river waters emnating from the Himalayan glaciers like the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi that finally meet each other at the main confluence point at Devprayag, at Garhwal, Uttarakhand to make it pious Ganges, the rivers become narrow and dry gradually as majority of its water is stored in the dam for the production of electricity. Sounds shocking that the natural rivers of Uttarakhand have been disturbed by these huge dams resulting water crisis and the environmental imbalance in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

A recent shocking instance of the Alaknanda river flowing uninterruptedly and seamlessly from the Himalayas and passing through Srinagar town in Garhwal Uttarakhand has lost its maximum water capacity because of the storing of the excessive water by the large sized Dam built at Srinagar, Koteshwar producing 330 megawatt of electricity. As per the latest reports pouring in, due to the excessive storing of the water of the running river, Alaknanda the same has lost its maximum water and has tremendously squeezed in shape and size with literally negligible water even during the peak winters at Srinagar, resulting in acute water shortage for lakhs of inhabitants of Srinagar Garhwal.

The shortage of water has also led to dying of aquatic creatures like fish etc in large quantity. The environmentalists are therefore badly concerned on the disturbing state of the seamless flowing river since centuries with complete water pressure and full of capacity. It may be recalled that a huge hydropower project had been constructed by the union government with the concurrence of the state government few years ago at Koteshwar, Srikot near Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand to produce 330 megawatt of electricity.

The environmentalists and the local populace had objected to the construction of this mega Dam but the authorities continued with the project which finally got completed three to four years ago. There is a huge pipeline and high capacity pumps of Garhwal Jal Sansthan installed between Srikot and Srinagar to supply adequate drinking water to the residents of the area. But due to the Alaknanda having been squeezed and subsequent water shortage, the water is not reaching the supply pumps of Jal Sansthan resulting in acute water crisis to lakhs of people of Srinagar, Garhwal.

Not only this but it has also invited people for illegal fishing on vast scale. The aquatic life of the river has also been affected by the water shortage in the river Alaknanda at Srinagar Garhwal. The authorities are now approaching the Dam management to release the water in the Alaknanda river so that the water shortage problem of Srinagar could be resolved and aquatic life of animals in the river is not affected further. In Uttarakhand about 598 large sized dams are said to be in pipeline for construction but have been prohibited by the Supreme Court of India for the time being.


Eminent literateurs of Uttarakhand Puran Chand Kandpal and Madan Mohan Duklan have been presented the prestigious MAHAKAVI KANAHIYALAL DANDRIYAL LITERATURE HONOUR at a largely attended function at Constitition club, New Delhi today. The award which carries a shawl, a citation and Rs 21thousand in cash was presented to Puran Chandra Kandpal and Man Mohan Duklan jointly by the union minister of state Ajay Tamta and spiritual head of Hans Foundation Bholeji Maharaj and Mata Mangla on 11th November in the presence of large number of audience which included social activists, journalists of vernacular media, NGO activists, women and youths.The programme was anchored by Ganesh Khugsal Gani. Eminent literateur Kandpal felicitated with the KUMAUN SAHITYAKAR SAMMAN is credited with authoring 27 books in Kumaoni dialect and English Hindi as well. Madan Mohan Duklan felicitated with KANAHIYA DANDRIYAAL GADHWALI SAHITYAKAAR SAMAAN and Kandpal have played a pivotal role in preserving and promoting GARHWALI and KUMAONI languages in and outside UTTARAKHAND.


A prominent footbal team of youngsters of Uttarakhand, having a national character known as GARHWAL HEROES FOOTBALL CLUB is adding feathers aftar feathers to its cap. In a prestigious footbal tournament yesterday namely KALI KUMAON CLUB FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS being held in Champawat, Uttarakhand, Garhwal Heroes Footbal Club defeated Banaras by 2-0 in the finals and became the CHAMPIONS. Hundreds of football lovers were present during the match at CHAMPAWAT adding grace and vitality to the tournament. The union minister of state for textiles Ajay Tamta was the chief guest at the prize giving felicitation ceremony who delivered the Championship trophy and a cheque of Rs 1 lakh to the victorious team of GHFC while the runners up team of Banaras was handed over Rs.50000. The minister lauded the fantastic game of GHFC and congratulated both the teams for their bright future. He said, victory and defeat are the two sides of the coin and therefore the losing team should never feel disheartened and rather gearup for the next victory.

The football championship was organised by a leading entrepreneur of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Ladwal. The Garhwal Heroes Footbal Club comprises of few Nigerian playersas well who have contributed tremendously in the victory of GHFC. Prior to this triumph GHFC has been the Delhi footbal champion twice and is a popular Indian Football team at national level too having defeated several prestigious state teams in the past. The credit for the team’s good and outstanding performance primarily goes to its players but the patron, president and general secretary of Garhwal Heroes Footbal Club namely BS Negi, Anil Negi, JS Patwal,Rattan Rawat and Mr. Rana also deserve special mention and appreciation for their untiring efforts to enhance the prestige of the team to a level, highly laudable, as it is today. These four inspirers of the team managed funds and enthused the players to bring laurels for the club, state of Uttarakhand and the nation. GARHWAL HEROES FOOTBAL CLUB today is a household name in India especially in every Uttarakhandies mind and heart. BRAVO GARHWAL HEROES.The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum conveys its heartiest greeting to GHFC on this occasion and urges upon the chief minisyer of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat to encourage sports, particularly football and cricket in the state as there is no dearth of potential sportsmen in the state but the complacense attitude of succesive governments during the 17 years have not been so encoraging, unfortunately.

The latest cabinet rejig and expansion that included several new faces and elevations of the few, had no place for states’ like Uttarakhand, particularly the Garhwal region that gave India Victoria cross winners like Gabar Singh Negi and revolutionary freedom fighters late Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who during the pre independence days, risking his own life as well as the lives of several other Garhwali soldiers had not only refused to fire on the  Pathans in Peshawar led  by the then Frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan by openly violating British orders but also underwent 14 years of solitary confinement in the dreaded Jail of the Andaman& Nicobar along with other hostile Garhwali soldiers. It seems that either prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief devalue the member of parliaments of Uttarakhand due to their incompetence either in Parliament or in BJP or in their eyes a small state of Uttarakhand with just five MP’s having a population of 1.15 crore hold no relevance politically in the making of the central government. Currently BJP has five member of parliaments from Lok Sabha, all won in 2014 with a handsome majority viz. Major General BC Khanduri from Pauri and Maharani Rajya Lakshmi from Tehri Garhwal. The former Chief Ministers of Uttarakhand Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari represent Haridwar and Nainital seat respectively whereas the lone state minister of textiles representing entire Uttarakhand at the center Ajay Tamta represents the Almora reserve constituency. It is pertinent to mention here that the Tehri Garhwal seat currently represented by Maharani Rajya Lakshmi was earlier held for five terms in succession by her late father in law  Maharaja Manvendra Shah, the erstwhile Tehri Maharaja on BJP ticket later on to be wrested by Vijay Bahuguna of Congress. Though we blame the BJP high command for this misrepresentation but the fact of the matter is the internal bickering within the various BJP factions in Uttarakhand is the primary reason for a minister of state slot going in favor of Ajay Tamta, a dedicated RSSite and a non controvertial dalit MP. Moreover, two former UK CMs and present MPs Major General Khanduri and Bhagat Singh Koshiyari have already crossed 75 and are therefore not eligible for minister ship as per the criteria fixed by Narendra Modi. Now, Uttarakhand is left with Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Rajya Lakshmi Shah from Haridwar and Tehri Garhwal respectively and both of them are two term MPs. Keeping in view the previous equitable representations of Garhwal and Kumaon in the union cabinet, the utterly poor representation of Uttarakhand in the union cabinet has annoyed one and all in the Himalayan state, particularly the electorates of Garhwal region who feel completely betrayed despite their according( giving) such a huge mandate in both the elections of the state legislature as well as the center to the BJP. What’s your take on this post, friends?