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The follow up to Tango Gameworks’ terrifying jaunt into madness. We’re returning to the brooding company of Sebastian Castellanos on a horror-filled quest to find his daughter whom he previously thought was dead. While original creative director and creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami has taken a step back and taken a producer role this time around,  don’t expect the horror to let up. What we’ve seen so far of The Evil Within 2 strongly suggests there’ll be no sleep without nightmares when you finally turn off the PS4. The claustrophobic cinematic bars of the original have returned to restrict just enough of your field of view, and a veritable horrorville of disturbing creatures are ready to make slaughter the best medicine for Sebastian.

Scaring people is frowned on, generally speaking: whether you’re jumping out of a dark corner or mailing someone a letter that has “PAST DUE” in big red letters on the front. But the creators of The Evil Within 2 have made a career out of it. Even after the original Evil Within’s mixed reception, Tango Gameworks couldn’t wait to jump right back in, learn from its missteps, and scare us even harder.

With studio director Shinji Mikami, game director John Johanas, and writer Trent Haaga, there are a whole lot of questions coming up for them :

Along with the new footage, Bethesda has unveiled what you’ll get for pre-ordering the upcoming horror sequel. Much like the original Evil Within’s “Fighting Chance Pack,” The Evil Within 2’s “Last Chance Pack” will contain items designed to help you survive the nightmarish world.

Putting some money down early will net you the Burst Handgun, which uses bullets that can be found or crafted, an assortment of crafting supplies to help you get started, and a few extra healing items.The Evil Within 2 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on (appropriately) Friday, October 13.