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The recent outburts of controvertial lawmakers’ n BJP leaders like Sangeet Som and several others in the past have definitely made the people of the country, especially the literate and those worried for Roti, Kapada aur Makaan think seriously whether rhetorics on religious lines is important or employment generation or rise in growth rate of the country to enable overall and all round welfare of the nation on pro people and pro development based polity is essential.

Well, eradication of corruption is utmostly essential for a nation like ours where this cancer has eaten its very vitals but to keep our country fully cohesive and integrated by keeping its communal fabric intact is also the key need of the hour. When our prime minister Narendra Modi talks of various developmental schemes and assure people of the country of providing house to every Indian and making every poor and peasent of the country economically self reliant by 2022 we do feel highly elated and satisfied with hopes and pessimism but when leaders of the same party show their squeezed communal colours like keeping the internationally popular UNESCO HERITAGE monument, the seventh wonder of the world out of the official tourism booklet and talk of it being built by traitors and therefore of no historical relevance to India for mere cheap popularity thus inviting the more acute negative versions of the rivals leaders of the minority sections of the society thus directly or indirectly giving green signal to the possibility of a supposed communal flareup, then things become more worse and worrisome and everybody is bound to think whether we have voted these politicians to create such a fracas or unmitigated confusion in the society than working on the the credible programmes of peoples’ welfare.

India became free from the neo colonial cluthes of the British who ruled and exploited India and Indians for two hundred years, after snatching power from the Moghul rulers. As Mughuls did, the Britishers too exploited n tortured Indians n built hundreds of historical buildings in India right from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate to Gateway of India to Indian Parliament to Old Assembly Secretariat, Delhi to several offices n the entire Lutyens Zone apart from hundreds of constructions all over India. Had the Britishers not hanged our hundreds of freedom fighters, tortured thousands of them, killed unaccounted number of revolutioneries and created division between India and Pakistan ultimately leading to Hindu Muslim riots and lynching of infinite number of innocent people from both the sides.

The Britishers took away our total wealth as India was once pronounced as SONE KI CHIDIYA. After independence India started from a rubble and after travelling slowly and steadily is now a Super power in the making.The previous governments and now the current political dispensation under prime minister Narendra Modi is doing its best to see that India speedily marches ahead towards the 21st Century. However the contribution and the role of the previous regimes can’t be ruled out as well.If India truly needs to progress by leaps and bounds, its mandatory that the nation’ s communal fabric remains cordially intact and in order to achieve this objective of peace and tranquility the party in power and its highest leadership at the helm will have to, in all seriousness control and restraint its leaders and lawmakers prohibiting them from using undesirable language and public utterences that may possibly vitiate the otherwise peaceful communal environment of the country n lead to communal flare up.

Today Som calls the Moghuls traitor, Tommorrow it will be the Britishers. Then Owasis and Azam Khan will retaliate and call for demolition of Moghal n British Monuments. The fire will spark further. The political parties will score browny points but it will be the people of the country and the nation who’ll finally loose and suffer. After all what’s the use of raking up the irrelevant and baseless issues of the distant past? Let’s not rake up the past and instead should work for an enlightened future. For God sake give up all this.



1.We can never argue with her and prove herself wrong because she is always right.
2.We cannot try to cancel the lecture because “HAR BAR KI TARAH SHE WILL SAY SYLLABUS BHOT REHTA HAI”.
3.If we try to talk in front of her no one can stop her from punishing us.
5.If someone dares to eat lunch in her class “to beta pure mahine ka khana nahi pachega tumhe”.
6.We alwayss love to wish her like “gooooodddddmoooorrrniiiiinngggg maaaaaaammmmm”
7.The way she scolds us adds sugar to the tea and makes it more sweet.
8.Once in our school life she must have punished us for shouting in the class in her absence.
9.She is the one who cares the most about our marks and future.
10.Yess teacher is the second mother to us who helps us grow and achieve something in life.