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The politics over the prime minister Narendra Modi’s Kedarnath visit is hotting up with Congress, particularly the former chief minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat, who himself lost two of the legislative seats he contested from during the last election at the hands of BJP’s nominee Rajesh Shukla etc is too active in face book and twitter countering every BJP move pertaining to Uttarakhand. After the prime minister Narendra Modi’s most successful visit to Kedarnath and his hard hitting anti Congress speech, Rawat was the first bete noire of Modi to have issued a statement contradicting him, saying that the four new projects of Kedarpuri’s renovation and resurrection were that of his, which had already been inaugurated during the Congress’s regime. About seven hours ago from now Harish Rawat has posted an interested article in his FB wall, the translated version of which is as following.
Prime minister Narendra Modi is the third prime minister to visit Kedarnath. The former prime ministers have only sought Lord Shiva’s blessings, whenever they visited Kedarnath, but played no politics. Modiji has now started a new tradition and now visiting temples would denote playing politics and from now onwards temples would be used as platforms to express their political views. The prime minister came for the second time this year, I pray his comes for the third time also, but what has he actually done for the glorfication of KEDARNATH is not yet clear? Amongst the five works that the new government is claiming to start, the work of the GHAT, is already in progress and so is the work of protection.

The work of construction of the crematoriam of Shakaracharya is not such a job that it requires any financial package. This job should be done by the state government through its own resources and we were already bound and committed to do it. We had already worked on this formula and had planned to get it inaugurated by all the four Shankaracharyas of four historic dhams of the country so that a message of passionate unity that was given by Aadi Shankaracharya hundreds of years ago could reach to various nook and corners of the country and I had already formally inaugurated this scheme during my tenure.

There was no work left for which inauguration was not done by him during his tenure. Regarding the construction of Museum, the fixed place had already been allocated and similarly the repair and innovation work of the footpath from Gaurikund to Kedarnath is already underway since his tenure. Had the new BJP government sanctioned plans for new concrete hi tech metalled roads then we would have definitely considered it as their genuine initiative.

The government should have allocated finances for the following says Harish Rawat (1) Allocation of funds for the ropeways from Kedarnath to downward locations like Gauri kund, Rambaada, Sitapuri etc. nearby destinations (2) should have given permission and enough funds to renovate/ repair/ resurrectionof the huge cave in at Mandakini riverside ( Flood Protection Work) (3) Allocation of massive funds to stop and correct/ repair, the destruction of the Bhairav Pahadi ( mountains) which is a permanent feature.(4) the area of CHOWDABADI which is the main point from where the uncontrollable deluge arrived causing so much of unacounted destruction, should have been repaired permanentally by sanctioning massive funds as this may re occur any moment in future.

The prime minister has not even allocated fund for the development of Garud Chatti where he claimed in his speech that he stayed for a protracted period. Harish Rawat said that the majority of the challenging and mandatory works at Kedarpuri has not been touched upon and the prime minister had just entertained innocent people of Uttarakhand and the country by his sweet rhetorics and literally doing nothing. Whatever may be the reality behind the temple develooment but one thing is for sure that politicians don’t even leave spiritual places bereft of politics. Sad?










It seems that though steadily but gradually, the revolutionery effects of the highly over ambitious executions of dear to heart projects like demonetisation and Goods and Services tax Tax are boomeranging not only amongst the common masses of the country but the prominent BJP leaders too are gathering courage to openly come out against the BJP leadership knowing very well that a huge price to be paid back is in the offing.

The statement of Yashwant Sinha, the former finance minister of BJP and father of the junior finance minister in the Modi government, who had to finally give up the finance portofolio, Jayant Sinha is unambiguosly a huge rebuff to not only the finance minister of India Arun Jaitley but to the prime minister Modi as well. Not is good terms with the top notch leadership of the party and the government former finance minister Yashwant Sinha has also expressed his ire against his bete noire PM Narendra Modi when he said that after the Gujarat elections the latter would be consigned to dust.

It needs a politician within BJP to gather enough courage to go against the party’s top leadership and the nation’s prime minister in particular. But even after Yashwant Sinha’s son losing the junior finance portfolio his tirade against the prime minister and his finance minister Arun Jaitley has not stopped putting the entire BJP and the government in utter surprise, dismay and subsequent dillemma.

His open accusation of finance minister Arun Jaitley blaming him for derailing the country’s economy and casting serious aspersions for the complete failure of demonetisation and improper implementation of GST resulting inflation, unemployment and discouragement to investment climate etc speaks of the fact that the former finance minister is playing the role of opposition party Congress and amounts to immense damage to the party and government’s reputation in the days to come.

His shocking revelations in the country’s leading daily Indian Express blaming PM Modi and FM Jaitley of sidelining the RBI’ s former n present governors and unilaterally going on for demonetisation thus derailing the nation’s economy and the investment climate compounded with large scale unemployment and inflation have indeed made tremendous mockery of the finance minister and the government giving enough encouragement and fuel to the opposition Congress and its UPA constituents to futher surround the former on failures of demonetisation and GST implementation.

While Yashwant Sinha seems to be prepared for the worst eventuality his state minister son Jayant Sinha may perhaps also fall prey to the ire of party and government’s top bosses in the near future exactly as Rahul Gandhi’s BJP friendly cousin Varun is in a dock for his anti government and anti BJP vociferous statements on ROHINGYA MUSLIM REFUGEE AFFAIR. What do you say friends?