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The most controvertial movie of the recent times produced by the controvertial film maker and Baji Rao Mastani fame producer, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has finally been released all over the country after so much of rampaging, public outrage, annoyance and burning of hundreds of vehicles nationally, including fifty in Gujarat and myriad number of motor cycles, malls and what not. While the chief ministers of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat were not at all interested to get the film screened in ther respective states fearing extremely deteriorating law and order situation and increasing vadalism but the Supreme court’s direct intervention asking the states to maintain law and order at all costs and allow the release of the films with total security to the audiences, theatresand the staff, the states have no option but to submit to the courts pressure.

But what was more surprising, shocking and anguishing is the fact that despite the Apex courts orders the four states of the country witnessed the maximum amount of vandalism and open violation of law by the Karni Sena volunteers and the over provoked volunteers. In Guru gram yesterday a school bus has been stoned badly leading to the students being terrorised. Today several schools have been closed in Gurugram.

In Noida the prestigios DPS school has been closed in view of the launching of the controvertial film Padmavat. In Rajasthan, MP, Bhopal, Goa and Patna the film has not been released despite the supreme court’s orders as the theatre owners are not ready to risk their lives as well as the theatre. Recent reports pouring in, in the morning showed vandalism in Ghaziabad still continuing.

In Rajasthan, the state from where the Karni Sena chief belings namely Mr. Kalvi, the main organisation behind the entire episode has in all 270 film theatres and auditoriums but the movie, Padmavat despite its, today’s all India premier, not a single cinema has screened the movie apprehending large scale vandalism.This sounds horrible and also indicates that the government of Rajasthan is in no mood to confront the local Rajputs who form the large and massive part of its vote bank.

However, in the prime minister’s contituency Varanasi the movie has been released. The police force is actively involved in maitaining law and order outside all the theatres nationally. The maximum advantage that Sanjay Leela Bhansali got is, his film got free publicity of billion of rupees out of the entire controversy through newspapers and channels and the audience in crores seems to be quite anxious and crazy to see the movie.

Meanwhile, the producer of the staggering 160 crore controvertial film Sanjay Leela Bhansali would have been quite a relaxed man today as his most talked about historical film has finally been released nationally. I am sure that in future Bhansali will never take the risk of making historical films after facing so much of hiccups, challanges and controversy over Padmavat. The way various states of the country witnessed open violation of law and order and incessant vandalism I don’t think that in the near future any producer will ever risk their time and money over historical films apprehending violence, vandalism and even threat to life.

What makes the situation even more worrisome is the fact that the political rulers sitting at the helm in the states instead of taking the responsibilities to curb violence and vandalism goes to honorable courts to curb freedom of expression and views by requesting the courts to ban the film rather than energising themselves and their govt machinery to curb the open vandalism. This is democracy and in an open loktantra you are not supposed to issue threats, burn vehicles, damage malls and create ruckus in the public creating loss to life and public property.

After all law also has its own course. If one is not happy with a film he is welcome not to watch it but how can he discourage others to shun the picture by way of violence and vandalism. This is not done in a democracy and the country with the rule of laws. Latest news say indicate that several leaders of Karni Sena have gone underground fearing arrests. However, the incidents of vandalism, tyre burning, protests on motorcycle processions and alleged killing threats are still on in various parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat by the Karni Sena volunteers and newly joined Mahakaal Sena.

Meanwhile, the leaders of both Congress and BJP Digvijay Singh and VK Singh has issued similar statements condemning the incidents of violence but emphasised strongly that no producer of the film could be allowed to play with or twist the historical facts of any event. The state minister of external affairs VK Singh said that if differences do exist between the protestors and the film makers they should be amicably settled but no body is allowed to twist the fact.


Prominent film maker and director Sanjay Leela Bansali’s MAGNUS OPUS Padmavati which is in tremendous controversy these days facing the threat of ban nationally by the KARNI SENA and its founder leader Lokendra Singh Kalvi who once slapped the former is a highly appreciable movie full of genuine historical facts which has in no way glorified the then king of 16th century but has instead proved him as a murderer who messacred hundreds of innocents.

Sanjay Bansali has in no way twisted any facts and denigrated the honour, dignity or respect of queen Padmavati but has instead glorified her image as a brave, dignified and a higly respectable queen faithful to her husband king Rattan Singh who always encouraged, guided and boosted his morale in the running of the administration of his kingdom and the wars he fought. These facts were revealed by the editor in chief India TV in his daily episode of Aaj Ki Baat, Rajat Sharma.

While disclosing the factual details of the movie today Rajat Sharma who himself saw the movie in a special preview said that, before watching the movie he too was under the impression that the nationwide uproar and outrage by the one sided critics of the film and KARNI SENA is absolutely correct as no opposition is ever based on false grounds.

But after watching the film extremely seriously, from all angles, as furiously opposed by a section of Rajput community, whose sentiments he respects, Sharma said he had come to a conclusion that there is nothing, not even a single percent of truth that the film’s director has in amy way fabricated, concocted or twisted the historical facts and exhibited queen Padmavati or her husband king Rattan Singh of Mewar in poor light, playing with their dignity, respect, aura, womenhood thus showing her in poor light as confidently claimed by those opposing the film tooth and nail.

Rajat Sharma said, he himself belonged to Chittaur and was born and brought up there and have tremendous respect and reverence for Rajput culture, tradition and sages of their bravery but after seeing the film sequences, had finally come to the conclusion that instead the movie Padmavati has enhanced the reputation, image, dignity, aura and grace of the historical queen who is remembered for her dignity, courage, bravery and sacrifice.

He confidently said that the people of MEWAR, the nation and especially those who are opposing it today so furiously calling Sanjay Leela Bhansali will feel proud of the bravery of MEWAR and its queen Padmavati for her acts of bravery and dignity which habe been portrayed so nicely and accurately as if history is being repeated on the silver screen.

He step by step revealed all the facts about the versions of those opposing the film and catagorically said that on every count they will find that all their objections are baseless and beyond facts. He said without seeing the movie casting such aspersions on the director of the film would ultimately not stand vindicated on the ground of facts.

It would have been better, had the opponents of the movie first watched the film and then raised the hue and cry than doing it first. The eminent literateur and veteran journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik too appreciated the film in toto and said that the director of the film Sanjay Leela Bansali has done full justice with the historical facts and have portrayed queen Padmavati as a higly dignified queen and Allauddin Khilji as a rash and ruthless killer.

Padmavati played by Deepti Padukone, Allauddin Khiljee played by Ranvir Singh and Raja Rattan Singh played by Kapoor have done full justice with their character who keep will definitely keep the audience stuck to their seats in theatres said Rajat Sharma.

It may be recalled that the KARNI SENA CHIEF Lokendra Singh Kalvi who calls himself as the directdecendent of the family of Raja Rattan Singh has been opposing the film Padmavati tooth and nail and had organised a huge public meeting and protest marches in Rajasthan and Gujarat recently in which more than a lakh people of Rajput community participated demanding permanent ban on the movie and registration of FIR against Bhansali on the charge of being a traitor/ anti nationalist. The Rajput women in traditional attires with sword in their hands were seen protesting outside the Mewar fort demanding Bhansali’s arrest etc.