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Brahumdagh Bugti the poular Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party fighting relentlessly against the tyrannical rule of Pakistan inside Baluchistan, though not there now fearing his death, has appealed to India for assylum after the Switzerland government rejected his appeal just on the day Internationally dreaded US designated terrorist Haafiz Sayeed who is directly responsible for masterminding the Mumbai attack, killing 166 innocents and injuring hundreds was freed by the Pakistani authorities just yesterday on 22nd November.

It sounds shocking that a United States designated terrorist carrying on his head a whopping amount of prize money worth several lakh US dollars perhaps 10 lakh, is freed by the Pakistan Court and the United Nations as well as the United States of America, a one time and now as well, to an extent its friend in need has not uttered a single word.

What Pakistan has done and is doing against India in the context of sneaking hardcore terrorists into Indian territories and killing innocents in Kashmir and elsewhere is not a secret any more and what has it been doing with the Baloch people is also well known world wide. Tortures, killings and incessant incidents of exploitation and victimisation of the Baloch freedom fighters is the order of the day.

In order to raise the concern globally and bring the tyrannical rule of Pakistan in Balochistan to the knowledge of global human rights bodies as well as the United Nations, the enlightened Baluch community in England and other westernised countries have been raising protests and organising seminars including pasting posters and erecting hoardings on transport carriers and outside UN headquarter time to time, strongly opposed by the Pakistanies.

In a tweet sent on his twitter handle, the prominent freedom fighter and leader of the Baloachs’ demanding freedom of Baluchistan from the tyrannical clutches of dreaded Pakistan has written that , ” I AM STILL THE MOST WANTED PERSON IN PAKISTAN. WHILE TOP TERRORISTS LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN, HAFEEZ SAYEED WERE BEING PROTECTED AND FECILITATED by the Pakistan Army. SWITZERLAND MUST CONSIDER THESE FACTS befor considering Pakistan’s allegations against us”. This tweet has been written after Switzerland denied citizenship or Assylum to Bugti who is fearing his life and had approached this country for shelter.

Meanwhile, the Indian side has also kept the assylum request of the Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bughti on the in abeyance, rather on the back burner despite the fact that India and its leaders including our prime minister Modi, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and NSA Ajit Doval had been raising the issue of Baloch freedom and Pakistan’s incessant tortures on Baloch citizens and their subsequent killings in the international forum including the UN general assembly time and again.

Political analysts say that there can’t be two sets of standards and when the Indian envoy raise the Baloach issue so fervently in international fora to denigerate enemy Pakistan then why should a Baloch leaders fighting for its citizens and country’s freedom seeking assylum, not be granted whereas in the past the leaders of Afghanistan like Abdullah Abdullah who later on became the foreign minister of Afghanistan and many others were also granted assylum in India for a pretty long time. Diplomacy demands that an enemy of the enemy is the best friend and moreover Baloch’s freedom from the tyrranical Pak rule is an issue India is always supportive of.



Expansionist China, after having been unsuccessful in its attempt to construct a road on the Bhutan, Sikkim, Tibet tri junction, trying to establish its proximity to India’s North eastern states from the security point of view and not able to finally establish its military sovereignity in the disputed area called Doklam, after Bhutan and India’s strict objections, the over ambitious dragon has once again faced a severe blow at the hands’ of one more SAARC nation, another Himalayan country and India’s trusted friend of decades, Nepal.

The prime minister of Nepal a non communist Deuba has cancelled the huge contract of the Chinese firm known as Ghezauba group, worth billions of dollars for construction of a 1, 200 megawatt hydropower project. The project was the part of the over ambitious one road one belt initiative of the Chinese government to establish its trade and political hegemony in the Asian subcontinent, especially.

This is not the unilateral decision of the Nepalese prime minister but had been endorsed by the entire cabinet. Scrapping an awarded project to a Chinese company amounts to a sort of an open defiance  (of) a mighty world power who is trying to woo Nepal, a tiny Hindu nation under its influence by way of various developmental projects, economic assistence including coercive tectics with rail links.

The project scrapped is named as Budhi Gandaki Hydropower project and was worth 2.5 billion dollars. It seems, Nepal is now gradually trying to come out of the dragon’s grip particularly when national elections in the Himalayan nation are nearing and the entire left political parties are uniting together with the dragon’s financial support to challenge the current political dispensation.

When communist Prachanda was at the helm in Nepal, Nepal-China relations touched a new height with the latter getting enough opportunities to start various bilateral projects in the Himalayan nation belying decades of long term friendship with India. China had been trying since long to diplomatically or through economic appeasement influence Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh to surround India from the security point of view but it hadn’t succeeded so far despite umpteen attempts.

Now, it’s trying to make trade and infrastructural inroads in these SAARC NATONS having already fully triumphed in the matter of Pakistan, India’s traditional foe.