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Approximately 70% of India’s population is engaged in agriculture. But, do you really think Agriculture is a successful activity every time? Well, no! It has proved to be a life-taker of millions of farmers in our country. So, what according to you are the major factors encouraging the farmers to take such a stringent step? Hunger, family issues, debt, unsupportive weather conditions and also the change in the various government policies have proved to be the reason behind the deaths of farmers.

More than what they earn every month was spent on clearing off the previous debt claimed on them. Their family was dying of hunger but the first priority for them always needed to be the debt payment. The cost of cultivation has been high for the farmers but on the other hand, the returns that they get are too low. They are never able to compensate on this. Even, the moneylenders charge double rate of interest on the debt and at the end what do they get? They only get to listen their name being responsible for an agrarian’s suicide.

According to the records, over three lakh agriculturists have been in the news due to their suicides from 1995. Undoubtedly, the crisis has always been faced by our agrarian community but this problem is just deepening day by day. This just has to be looked upon and taken care of. Our country can’t let the deaths of farmers happen as they are the ones who are letting a common person survive. They are the breadwinners of their family and also our families if they won’t cultivate we won’t eat and thus won’t survive. Agriculturists do everything to let us and our family eat but what do we give their families in return? We return them their dead bodies. Ever thought what would happen to a woman seeing his husband hanging with a fan or what would happen to the children seeing their father’s body hanging with a fan? Moneylenders truly have to stop this scariest system of loan payment. Just see their condition, feel some pity and let them pay back only your loan and not the double rate of interest fatal for their lives.

Unfortunately, the Agricultural market structure is so bad in functioning that the farmers are even failing to perceive the actual returns they are worthy of. What was the Agriculture Produce and Market Committee meant for? It was meant to ensure the fairest of the fair prices to the farmers, and what is it doing? Just ruining their families, their lives. The corrupt middle men are the real spoilers of this whole system. They just buy the produce in the rates lesser than what our agrarian deserve.

This depressing trend needs to be discouraged and thus, stopped anyhow. Taking a farmer’s life doesn’t stand out to be the solution of any of the problems in our agriculture system. Policy’s reorientation needs to be done, various reforms have to be introduced having a sole purpose of the betterment of farmers in our nation. Farmers really need our help. They need some financial help and our Government needs to do this no matter what.