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. The content on the web ranges from inappropriate or adult content to unkind and simply rude comments.

Internet is filled with enough content and of such varied genre that it could be horror for adults and an amusement park for children. The content on the web ranges from inappropriate or adult content to unkind and simply rude comments to dangerous predators. You might want to look out for the last one.

Even after all these disadvantages is also provides opportunities to socialize with others and to learn or create. From now on trying to keep your children off of the internet would be futile. It would be like keeping them away from food or electricity. They’re bound to get online with or without your consent. Your job here in this case is to help them in taking good decisions when they are on the web.

There do exist some parent-friendly routers that you can buy, and software that you might want to use, to limit the access of your children to the internet and keep an eye on them. But even if we ignore the fact that this idea is not completely efficient, you need to create a mental framework that can keep your children safe online.

You might want to put more thought into this because there are no concrete rules governing children and the internet because of the fact that no two children are exactly alike. This exercise is just like keeping children safe after their homecoming. Some children might only need a curfew of some sorts, others a heavy grounding. Children in different age groups require different amounts of oversight and rules. Even within a specific age group, different children can have different inclinations and interests, and with them comes the problem of different needs.

Some legal guidelines do exist. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule was established in 1998, it creates various safeguards like keeping children under the age of 13 off of social media. Facebook has very recently attempted to outsmart the law with a version of its Messenger aimed at children of 6 years of age and above.

Problem is, even after such laws have been in force, millions of children under 13 years of age have found their way onto Facebook over the years, with or without parental consent. You need to buckle up and don’t give your consent as a parent. The rules are there for a reason.

The more you feed the sense of responsibility and rules to your children the dividends you will receive over the years will be larger. As the children grow they will find ways around any parental controls that are put over them. Your goal is to make sure that there is no need at all for such restrictions.

When and if you give your kid a smartphone, it is your responsibility to help them through the process of setup. You need to make sure that they know exactly how to create a strong password, and you need to establish strict ground rules over which kind of applications can the kid download.

You need to make sure that you are a good example to them. It is no good if they complain that you don’t spend enough time with them due to always being hooked on that smartphone or tablet of yours. Critically examine your own digital habits. This goes for not only the amount of time you spend on your devices but also for how you maintain them. If you keep up with standard security practices, like keeping strong passwords and updating your software, it would be beneficial for the whole family in the end.

You need do make rules about device usage for the whole family. Help your kids when they run into trouble, this way they can go on to help their friends by themselves.

It’s pretty easy for parents to track every text message and know every single app that their kids use, but that’s not the best solution. If they are surfing over non dangerous areas, keeping their grades up and have a good social circle you don’t need to meddle in their online habits at all. The key here is to communicate.

This way, if and when they do run into a trouble online, may it be harassment or some disturbing content, you’ll be the person the children would come to for help. This is way better than them looking for a solution on the internet.





A password is not very useful if someone can simply crack it by guessing or by looking over your shoulder.

Passwords are your first line of defence against any internet threat. Sadly very few people recognise this fact.  Though the passwords are not the perfect security solution, if you put in some more effort they can provide a great security boost to your online and offline systems.

In any case, a password is not very useful if someone can simply crack it by guessing or by looking over your shoulder. So, here are some security tips that can be kept in mind while compiling a high security password.

  • You can use a password manager to create a password: A good password manager can create strong and unique password for any and all of your accounts. This means that if one of your passwords is leaked in a data breach any person with a harmful intent would still have to struggle with other online services and subscriptions. The best password managers are those which sync across desktop and mobile. You could even remember just one key, rather than having to memorize more than dozens of long and complicated passwords.
  • Choose a longer password: In the case of passwords’ security, length matters more than the complexity of the combination. Once you have extended it to 12-15 character range, it will become way harder for a hacker to guess or crack it solely on the basis of brute force. And try to use some special characters rather than using the name of your favourite band.
  • You can keep the special characters apart: You have to keep in mind not to bunch together special characters like !,@,#,$,% etc. This is exactly what people do and this means that this is what the potential threats are looking for. To make the guesswork extra tricky you have to space them apart.
  • Don’t change the passwords too regularly: This is a tricky one. But keep in mind that the less often you change your password, the less likely you are to forget it. You may even fall into a pattern, like changing only a number at the end each time you update your password. This only makes it easier to crack the password.
  • Single purpose passwords only: At the very least you need to make sure that you don’t use the same passwords across different online services and accounts. If you do this then a retailer breach that you have no control over could cost you your most confidential banking password.
  • Never to trust your browser with passwords: A convenient shortcut that everyone falls into habit of using is to let your browser remember them for you. You must have seen the option yourself. I can even bet that you use it on at least one site. Don’t use it anymore. The option for the browser to remember the passwords is really convenient, but the taxing of security is very high. If you really need a free and easy option, go with a good and respectable password manager instead of trusting everything to your browser.
  • Enable OTP protection wherever it is possible: In these days of ever increasing online security threats, not even a password is enough to safeguard your privacy. Many of the services like, commercial banks, Google, etc. offer another layer of protection. This protection can come in the form of a numeric code that is sent to your phone via SMS. This is more than enough for most people. Just keep in mind that this is also not completely foolproof.





It can exploit just about everything that retailers know about you, your cash purchases, online transactions which are tied to your phone number or email for a reason.

Is Facebook really looking at my photos and using those for ad targeting? Almost everyone with a basic knowledge of ad targeting has wondered about this fact. You may have heard very recently that Facebook can spy on you via your smartphone’s microphone.

This might be a concern if it was possible. Before we all start to panic, we should consider whether such a miracle is possible, even for a tech giant like Facebook.

To make this happen, Facebook would need to record each and every word that your phone’s microphone can record. This is almost the same as always being on a phone call between you and Facebook. Our average voice-over-internet call takes around 24kbps from one way, which totals to about 3 kBs of data per second. If we assume that you’ve got your phone on half the day, then that’s about 130 MBs of data per day, per user. In an average country that’s about 20 petabytes of data per day.

Facebook’s entire data storage at present is about 300 petabytes only, with a daily consumption of about 600 terabytes. So in other words, constant audio surveillance by Facebook would produce about 33 times more data than than Facebook currently consumes on a daily basis.

But if this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, consider this, spying would be eminently detectable. How? Because using large quantity of data on your smartphone will make it lag. If the always on record call is maintained with Facebook, it will make your phone obviously slow and you will investigate, revealing the cause of the lag.

Though, it is possible, Facebook could listen only for specific keywords that can trigger ads. But it will still be very daunting to do such a thing on every smartphone in existence in country. This process from slow and older phones to fast flagships smartphone like the iPhone X is a messy process. Targeting a specific type of smartphone can ease the burden to an extent, but any significant load on such scale presents very extraordinary challenges.

Even if we disregard the feasibility or ubiquity of such digging for information, can you imagine what Facebook would do with all that information? What can it possibly do? Human language is laden with sarcasm, innuendo, obfuscation and double-entendre. The chances of Facebook’s AI figuring out, just what you want judging by any recording of your conversation are very slim.

In fact the harsh truth is that, it doesn’t need to perform such technical miracles to give us targeted ads. It can simply find you on whatever device you’ve ever logged in on. It can exploit just about everything that retailers know about you, your cash purchases, online transactions which are tied to your phone number or email for a reason.

But before you rage quit Facebook, you must know that Twitter and LinkedIn do the same thing along with numerous other social media apps. In this world it is very hard to escape the modern methods of Advertising.

In short we can just say that, there’s no way at all for Facebook to eavesdrop on you at the moment. But it is definitely tracking you in ways that you’re not aware of.







WhatsApp has hit strides in India, becoming the most popular messaging app, partially due to its simple user interface and its end to end secure encryption.

European Union has come down harshly over privacy concerns for users of popular social media platform WhatsApp. This came in wake of WhatsApp not resolving the concerned authorities’ concerns over the popular apps’ sharing of user data with its parent company Facebook, even a year after it was first issued a warning.

WhatsApp has hit strides in India, becoming the most popular messaging app, partially due to its simple user interface and its end to end secure encryption. WhatsApp changed its privacy policy in mid last year and started sharing users’ phone numbers and their other information of personal nature with Facebook without a proper memo that informs the users of this face. This act drew widespread criticism and regulatory scrutiny across Europe and Asia, and WhatsApp for a time suspended the data sharing for EU users only. Asia still lags behind when dealing with issues concerning cyber security and privacy.

EU data protection authorities, however, taking strict actions, said in a letter, sent to WhatsApp on Tuesday 24th Oct and published on Wednesday, that the company had still not resolved their concerns about sharing user data without their prior consent.

The authorities have noted that the information given to users about the privacy policy update by WhatsApp was highly ambiguous and seriously deficient considering it was related to getting their consent.

The Authorities noted that while there is a balance to be found and regualted between presenting the user with too much of the information and not enough information, the initial alert made no mention at all of the crucial information users needed. They were unable to make an informed choice, and simply clicked the agree button that resulted in their personal data being shared with the company of Whatsapp, i.e. Facebook and its family. This information can be now shared with other partner websites and can be used to present the users with targeted advertisements.

The data protection authority of Ireland, which has final jurisdiction over Facebook in the European Union because the company has its European headquarters in Dublin, said that in April it had hoped to reach a deal over the issue of data sharing with WhatsApp and the partner websites. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that, they have engaged previously with other data protection authorities to explain how their terms and privacy policy update applies to those people who use WhatsApp in Europe. They also said that they remain committed to respecting the applicable law and will continue to work with concerned officials in Europe to address the questions over privacy.

The data protection authorities also raised concern over the argument of users’ consent not being given as freely as WhatsApp claimed. WhatsApp had effectively adopted a ‘take it or leave it approach.’ This ends in users either giving their `consent’ to the sharing of their data or they are from then on unable to avail themselves of WhatsApp’s messaging services.

A new European Union data protection law will come in force in May 2018, which will give regulators the power to fine companies up to 4% of their global turnover for violating the cyber privacy laws.

What we need in India and other Asian countries is a similar outcry for cyber privacy and enactment of strict laws to protect the interests of users on a regular basis.


-Archit Upadhyay



Mobiles and social networking sites likes facebook, whatsapp, instagram and twitter have these days become the most priorty choice and liking of the people and is considered as one of the best options to suffice and fulfill the lust for mental and psychological satisfaction.

This IT revolution has undoubtedly brought people nearer and knowledge to one’s doorstep provided this medium is used logically for developing knowledge based inputs and IQ but contrarily it has also proved to be a greatest disaster as users with manipulative tactics, criminal bent of minds having sexual lust and intent to use it for exploiting people for narrow monetory or material ends and what not, unfortunately, use this easily available via media for immoral and illegal motives.

The young, old, even children and the women use social media extensively and have rather become its addict nationally not leaving even the lowest strata of the society uninfluenced by its massive impression. While social networking sites are the boon for the budding talents and experienced people with immense knowledge to share their experiences, talents, achievements and know-how, there had also been hundreds of thousands of instances of posting nude or semi nude highly objectionable pics on several sites to entice people, especially innocent young boys and girls to fall in their ugly traps, unknowingly.  In several cases the fake FB users in particular misuse the sites to entice girls and married women into their traps on false pretexts and promises, ultimately confronting legal hassles and breaking of families.

There have been several instances of blackmails as well in the social networking sites when the users copy the chats by taking the pictures of undesirable chats n objectionable postures and thereafter exploit the situation to their advantage. The teen aged boys and girls are the worst affected lot in this chatting exercise who get swayed away by the imposters and unintentionally fall into their trap unluckily thus spoiling their carrers and reputation.

There had been several incidents of suicides as well due to the social taboos and stigma. Social media sites lke FB and twitters are the paradise and God sent devise for politicians, political parties and the governments in power including the media who exploit it to the maximum to derive maximum socio political and professional advantage by posting their accomplishments, achievements and programmes and influencing their huge fan following. The sites are also used for the free promotion of various products by small, marginal and medium businessmen free of costs.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi and the AAP supremo Arvind Krjrival followed by Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi etc have taken and derived maximum political advantage by rightfully using the facebook and twitter and have encouraged other political parties too to derive maximum advantage and benefit out of this God send devise in India.

Its surprising to note that our prime minister tops the chart of maximum followers in the country on his twitter handle followed by Arvind Kejrival and Rahul Gandhi. Today internet banking, railway and air reservations, google searches for any information, instant photography of an event and information relating to any service have made the peoples lives entirely convenient and comfortable.

In the event of capturing any unusual event of public interest if captured through mobile cameras are usually instantly posted in social networking sites that go viral in minutes and draw the attention of the media and the governments. In other words, these sites have alerted the various government departments and stake holders and at times keep them on tenterhooks or make them answerable to the common masses.

The world has squeezed and people and informations have come to your doorsteps. However, it’s also true that the addiction of social media has spoiled those who stick to it for just killing time and thus losing their physical action and achivement part. Using social media at the cost of one’s performance that results into sheer wastage of time, energy and sustenance including family n carrer interests is definitely a liability and should be given up unless or until it hels him or her achieve something credible or worthwhile.

It’s definitely a huge revolution of Information technology for which the credit primarily goes to the former prime minister of the country late Rajiv Gandhi and the then IT brain behind it Sam Pitroda. I remember the days of 1991 when Rajiv opened the the doors for Liberalisation and computers the entire opposition was against him as if heavens have fallen down.

The opposition’s logic was the people of the country would loose employment enmasse and there’ll be poverty all around. But fortunately today those who opposed Rajiv Gandhi are the biggest and the massive users of the social networking sites and internet which is providing employment to the youths of the country. The time is not far when print journalism will replace to digital and online journalism and the newspapers would be the thing of the past. What do you say friends?









woman writing blog on notebook and coffee and phone on table

Are you a blogger? If yes, then I am pretty sure you all might be struggling every day on how to choose the topics that would be suitable for your blog to write on. Well, I must say “Maintaining a blog on your own is not at all an easy task.” A simple yet decent blog can surely be a hit depending not on the so-called “beautiful blog” but by maintaining a commendable quality of your content in it.

For you to be a successful blogger, trust me there is a lot of work involved in it and you need to keep the key aspects in your mind for the generation of an amazing yet interactive stuff. Here I have enlisted some of the major points for you to keep in mind while trying to get a catchy and trendy title for your blog:

  • Get un-common!  Yes, now is the time to try something new and unique i.e. getting un-common. You already know this well that there are many websites doing the same kind of work that has become too common nowadays and the audience is now striving to get something different. So, be that “something” the readers are looking out for. Include such a content in your blog that it stands out uniquely in the market. If you don’t want to get your views stumbled then be something different and “Be Unique”. Image result for be un common
  • Research! Research! Research! Research is the key to writing. You have to “know well, to write well”. Know your target readers’ preferences, choices and the taste. Surf the Internet, read books, watch the news, listen to the discussions and debates and you know what? THIS IS IT. You will get many topics to write on that the audience would prefer leading to the increase in the views of your blogs. The research will not only increase your knowledge but will help you in providing the valuable content to the readers. Related image
  • Social Media Platforms are a great helper! In case you are seeking for a valuable, knowledgeable and also a not-so-boring way to get the topics then you try looking on the social media platforms. These may include Facebook, Twitter, and various other majorly renowned Social Media Platforms. Facebook is known as the most densely populated platform will make sure that you are getting the information of many books, courses, news and the trendy topics as well. Connect with people, communicate with them, know their needs of what they want to read and write accordingly. However, as compared to Facebook Twitter is not much densely populated but is surely known as the “King of trending topics”. It facilitates the users with the use of hashtags to make your content popular and be a part of other discussions as well. Apart from these many other social media platforms like Google+ and Pinterest are an add-on to your helper’s list for getting a great content’s topic.Related imageSo, the above were just a few things that will surely help you get a content an the topics to be picked up by the vase audience apart from the millions of bloggers already being there in this highly competitive market. Irrespective of the niche you are specialized on, “Blog writing” needs accurate knowledge and research for you to start on”. A trending article gives you good views, a better reputation that is praiseworthy and also makes you one of those top rated bloggers in the Google Search Engine. Hey Blogger, what are you waiting for? Open your laptop, follow the above steps and get instant and too positive results at the very same moment. Good luck and Happy Blogging!



For these people rain is not just rain it is an emotion and perfect moment to capture a perfect rain memory. They don’t care about what will happen or what people will think, all they wish is to have a perfect click for a perfect “DP”



They are the next best Shradha Kapoor live, who needs some drops of rain to dance over. They can dance like hell and can prove that they are the best. These people be like “BARISH HO YA KHARISH MAI FIR BHI NACHUNGA”



Well they are kinda cute one’s who thinks that rain is the perfect moment to have their perfect romance. But the funniest part is the couple fighting over K KITNE PLATE GOLGAPPE KHANE HAI, SUDDENLY BECOMES “ADITYA ROY KAPOOR” AND “SHRADHA KAPOOR”. And later on they are also shocked that what were they upto!



Yes oh yes! These kind of people exist and they are the one’s who totally don’t care whether it is raining or whatever. They don’t wait to have a perfect selfie they don’t upload any snaps and the biggest truth is when they see other people doing such stupidities they always have a thought to throw them in “KEECHAD”.



For them “barish= long drive”. They are on their perfect enjoyment mode. All they need is that perfect moment to have their cars out, set the music loud and travel and enjoy. Kyunki inhe hi to “SALMAN KHAN BANKE DIKHANA HAI SABKO”



These kind of people are kinda school vala NOTICE BOARD because they need to update everyone first. “they don’t give a damn what’s happening around them, but UNKO STATUS TO DAALNA HAI YAAR”



When the whole word is busy doing all of the above things there are some people who really want to enjoy the rain with “CHAI KI CHUSKI” AND “PAKODE”. They are  the real lovers of rain because they don’t need any picture snap or dance to express their love, “UNKE LIE CHAI AUR PAKODE HI JAAN THI HAI OR RAHENGE”.


There are many types of people during rain, and each enjoy rain to their fullest. “Kyunki barish ka mausam is happy vala mausam”





Well birthday is a special moment ,a day, a time or a best part of life, everyone has a different level of excitement for his/her birthday. Most important thing about birthday is being around awesome surprises and getting everything we were expecting. Whether a boy or a girl everyone of them expects their friends to reach home at 12 and surprise them with a cake.

The funny thing about this is everyone knows they will be surprised and acts like they were unaware about the plans.



Birthday wishes become more special when your special someone adds a bit of sweetness to it. We always expect our best friend or our mom and dad or the special someone to wish us first. The feeling of experiencing this moment is so special that it automatically brings a big smile on our face!




Checking facebook timeline and whatsapp wishes is one of the interesting tasks to do on your birthday. Sometimes it’s boring too but it’s fun having loads of wishes and feeling like a king/queen.

One of the annoying things we face when our “bhabhi ki chichi ki beti posts an annoying picture of ours on our timeline and inspite of getting a surprise we get a big shock”.



We want or not we have to face it and fight with it. Most irritating and funny part of birthday is dressing up nicely and end up being a “ghost”.



Well its somehow a special moment one dies to experience, there lots of memories and stories behind it.


IMG_20170719_145929 (1)

It’s not the gift but it’s the memories we collect and thoughts we count. Sometimes the most  shocking surprises are the most beautiful surprises and having them on your day is something out of the box…




It is the biggest reason for which we get properly dress up. We capture best of moments in one picture and cherish them later seeing them. Because birthdays are incomplete without capturing every moment and selife is a “NECESSITY’




It’s sort of a sad part of the day too because at last your birthday is gonna end but it brings excitement too, reading the messages and taking all the wishes make us feel on the top and thanking all the people makes the birthday girl/boy feel more good and exciting, talking to everyone about your birthday telling them each thing you had and sharing all the special moments with everyone gives us a chance to live those moments again!


I also feel the same on my day hope you could also relate to these things.