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There have been reports on the Chinese social networking sites particularly Weibo users etc that  the withdrawal or disengagement of the Chinese troops from Doklam and simultaneously by the Indian military without seeking or expressing apology from the Dragon for illegally and arbitrarily entering the Doklam plateau at the Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet tri-junction is nothing but a sort of Indian victory and Dragon’s moral defeat. 

News relating to such sentiments of the Chinese active in social networking sites are pouring in particularly after the official Chinese media and other government sponsored hawkish press has through its disinformation campaign during the last one and a half months badly influenced their populace that India has forcibly and clandestinely entered the Chinese territory in Doklam with troops and obstructed the PLA and other Chinese construction workers making the road on their own territory. The fact of the matter is India has always been calm and tranquil on border matters despite Chinese provocative actions Barahoti, Chamoli Garhwal when they twice entered India’s territory in a year.

The expansionist and hegemonic Chinese also tried to encroach on Indian territory on Finger 2, 3, and 5 at Ladakh recently and even went to the extent of attacking our soldiers with iron rods and pelting stones. Even in Arunachal the PLA has intentionally created skirmishes with peaceful Indian soldiers number of times but the Indian side has always exercised calm and restraint honoring international commitments and bilateral pacts between both the nations.  If we really go by the records the Chinese have arbitrarily encroached our borders at several points several hundred times but India has always believed in resolving the issue peacefully but unfortunately the dragon have mistaken our silence and taken it as our weakness.

It was only because of this reason that Indian government and the Army have taken a serious, bold and courageous action on Doklam issue as expansionist China was pre-strategically trying to construct a permanent road on Doklam plateau which was not only a direct threat to India as it comes near its Siliguri chicken neck leading to the seven North Eastern states but also poses  threat to Thimpu which claims the DOKLAM plateau as its own territory. The stand off between China and India that started in mid June that remained active for two and a half months till 27th August during which the dragon lost no opportunity to accuse India of baseless allegations and pressurizing India of unilateral withdrawal in order to start the negotiation for amicable settlement of this vexed issue but  this time India too was strong and adamant and was keenly desirous of safeguarding its borders and sovereignty as was China at all costs. The visit of Indian NSA to China on the side lines of BRICS, NSA summit and his subsequent meeting with Chinese counterpart and thereafter with its president Xi Jinping could not accompany positive results despite the best efforts of Indian NSA Ajit Doval.

However India and its most capable NSA Ajit Doval and Army Chief Vipin Rawat continued their best efforts and finally had been successful to pressurize the dragon to relent and submit to India’s pressure who was fully and publicly assured by US, FRANCE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, BRITAIN, GERMANY and several other countries of the  world siding fully with India in the eventuality of any pressure or war from the Chinese side on or against India. However today every Indian  is highly lauding the Chinese leadership and prime minister Narendra Modi respectively for resolving this vexed issue of military and diplomatic stand off between India and China particularly just few days before the Indian PM’s visit to Beijing to participate in important BRICS SUMMIT where heads of the states of Britain, Russia, China and South Africa will join him.