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After having been sentenced to two decades by the CBI court despite requesting for leniency and theatrics in front of the CBI judge, rape convict Ram Rahim is in for more trouble in the future.

If sources are to be believed the high profile colorful fascinating T-shirts’ and expensively imported sun glasses wearing spiritual Guru rather a self-styled God man can be tried for several other illegal acts like large scale encroachments in his palatial ashrams, clandestinely capturing vast tracts of Ashram lands and holding and amassing of illegal arms, material of petrol bombs, ammunition and vast number of sticks and iron rods inside his premises used in the rioting and damage to public properties in the aftermath of the arrest and the sentencing. The case of the alleged murder of a journalist a few years ago through his hired goons and some of the muscle men followers is also under trial which can trap him in the near future further escalating his problems and period of sentence.

Conclusively, it can be said that one time highly influential Godman now in high-security jail having supported and financed political leaders parties as a kingmaker are today in a terrible fix with the high court has already issued orders to attach properties of Dera Sacha Sauda to compensate for the huge loss in the aftermath of the rioting. It is learned that the honorable court has already given an opportunity to those who have suffered losses to file their details to the concerned authorities for necessary claims to be compensated in the near future by way of allegedly selling the Dera Sacha Sauda’s properties through auction.  In Haryana, this is the second case of a spiritual leader having been jailed in the near future for sexual assault, rape and amassing huge wealth by manipulating and by fooling the followers under the guise misusing their spiritual authorities and playing with the sentiments and emotions with the God fearing innocent followers and devotees.  

A few years ago similar self-styled God man Rampal had been arrested for amassing a huge amount of arms and ammunition including automatic rifles and guns inside the Ashram premises that were used against the police and the para military when they went to the ashram to arrest the Godman on various charges. Various parts of the Haryana state then were burning as his followers too went on the rampage during and after his arrest.