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In such a competitive world, having the skills to pass an interview is a must. Failing to make a good impression in front of your interviewer may cost you an opportunity. If you want to stand out of the crowd, there is a need to do amazingly good in your interview. Interview skills help you pass out the hiring test with flying colors. Thus, having Interview skills is a must.

“See you on Monday, thank you”. Yes, these words may possibly make you delighted, excited and too happy. Yet, as your excitement lowers down, reality begins to take its shape. You finally got an interview call for your dream job. Yet, now, how would you get prepared? It’s truly important to have the best meeting you can and to do that, it’s basic to plan possibly. Be sure, you can do it.

The “feared job interview”, this is what it is called may feel like the most stressful part of recruitment but it is the most important. Irrespective of the post you are applying for whether it is a job just after your schooling gets over or a job for a new employee in any organization, Interview is the real part of acquiring the new position you are aspiring to get.

The following are some of the tips to keep in mind before going for the interview:

Research well

This includes the research work. You just have to prove to the Interviewer that you are a great helping hand for the organization. Research everything about the company. Make a list of all the knowledgeable questions that you will ask your future boss. The questions need to be really intelligent and impressive. Just know all the expectations that the Interviewer is keeping from you and ask those questions which really prove that you did research deeply. Read the post that you are applying for.

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Analysis work is a must

You’ve done huge amounts of research on your dream organization– right now is an ideal opportunity to audit your resume, job experience, and all your social media profiles.

Your resume should be perfect, including all the required and necessary details preferable during a Job Interview. Get a printout of at least five copies of your resume and carry the same during the interview.

Write each and every past job experience that you have done. More the experience, more are the chances of you getting hired. So, don’t miss out on anything. Enlist all your work experience in your resume irrespective of how the small or how the big your position was.

Just have a look at your social media posts. Did you make any status update on Facebook complaining about your Ex-boss or bash any of your customers on Twitter? If yes, get them deleted immediately. Unprofessional posts may tarnish your image in front of your future boss.

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As the quote says, “Practice makes a man perfect”. It undoubtedly plays a major role in the life of the person aspiring to crack a job interview for his/her dream job. Practice! Practice! Practice! This is all that you need. Stand in front of a mirror; try to answer the questions that can be asked in the interview. See the way you speak, notice your expressions. You should not be looking nervous. Improve your speaking skills.

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So, it’s the big day. It’s the time for the Job Interview. Keep all the long-term preparations aside, avoid last-minute research work.

Here are the things to follow during a Job Interview:

Do’s and Don’ts during an Interview

  • No need of any companion. Walk alone for an interview.
  • Looks do matter. Carry yourself in that attire with which the company is comfortable. Formals are recommended.
  • Switch off your mobile phone at the time of the Interview. Any sort of disturbance during the interview will not be entertained.
  • Ensure that you have a positive body language and attitude. Look as confident as you can.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in the Interview room. This puts a bad impression on your personality.


Improvising your approach

If you are not able to understand any question, you should clarify your doubts. Just be honest with whatever you are answering and it is highly recommended to support your answers with suitable examples.

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Show your Interest in the job

You should end the interview on a positive note. Let the interviewer know that you really want to join the organization. It is not advisable to ask about your salary to the interviewer. However, he himself will discuss the salary that you are ought to get. Move ahead by asking for the contact numbers and the visiting cards of the interviewer in case you don’t have one.

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You did it! You passed through a day of interview since you were completely arranged, and you ought to feel glad. There are just a couple of things to do post-interview, yet they are basic to keeping up the great impression you made upon the interview day:

Be sure about the next steps of the Interview

You should know from who are you going to hear about the results of the interview and when. If there are any emails or any information that you promised to send, email them quickly and note down all the critical details about the interview in some notebook so that you don’t forget them.

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Thank You email

Now is the time to send a Thank-You email to the person who will be managing you and with whom you will be working closely in the organization. Share all the happy moments from the interview in that email, this may include that part of the interview which made you excited or it may include writing about the person you enjoyed talking to, the most. This may show that you are interested to join the team.

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If you didn’t get any response in other week or say 10 days, then is the time to follow up the hiring manager through your emails regarding the expectation for their response to your interview. Overall, you should be sounding Polite and not annoying or discomforting to the recipient of the email. It should just signify that you are well-organized and respect the position.

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Thus, the three-step process “Before-during-after” is a perfect guide for the people aspiring to crack the interview for their dream jobs. However, each successive interview will add up to your confidence. With this confidence, you can surely pass the interview that will land you in your dream company.