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A well known socio political activist and entrepreneur by profession Vinod Nautiyal has been duly elected as the president of well know social organisaton of national level known as AKHIL BHARTIYA UTTARAKHAND MAHASABHA. The name of Nautiyal was proposed by the outgoing president of the organisation Shambhu Prasad Pokhriyal in a meeting held at Press club of India in New Delhi on 5th of November in the presence of several state presidents from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and the national office bearers of the organisation.

Vinod Nautiyal has been elected president for the tenure of five years and have been assigned the responsibility to reactivate the units of the Uttarakhand Mahasabha in seventeen states of the country where the organisation was functional earlier but not reactivated a since a long spell however in five states the Maha sabha is actively functional.

Expressing his gratitude towards the outgoing president and various state chiefs Vinod Nautiyal assured that he will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the organisation is refurbished, activated and in majority of the states by revitalising it at the block and district level.

The main objective of the organisation is to bring different social organisations of Uttarakhand into its fold and enhancing its membership drive, right from the centre to state to district and block level and make it a chesive organisation to fight for maintaining the socio cultural entity of Uttarakhand in cities and metropolises of the country.

The organisation will convene and organise district and state level workers conference once in a year and also arrange seminars, round table talks and interactions at grass root level apart from fighting and struggling for noble causes and issues of significance including seeking justice in matters of exploitation and injustices meted out to the inhabitants of Uttarakhand in UK as well as in other states of the country.

It will also celebrate the anniversaries of the icons of UTTARAKHAND on the fixed dates and also draw the government’s attention on various socio economic issues for the betterment of Uttarakhand and its people. Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha is an All India social outfit of Uttarakhand and holds a good reputation amongst the Uttarakhandies in various states of the country. Sr. journalists Sunil Negi and Suresh Nautiyal have been appointed as advisors by the national president Vinod Nautiyal.
SUNIL NEGi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum