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Earn with Ad Sense


Working from home is a great way of earning money but the problem is that there are very few resources available on internet which will give generate money for you and there are chances that people may even cheat you after getting work done so it becomes very necessary to check whether the company or website which offers work from home, part time job is genuine or not and if you are not able to find out about the authenticity of the company or job provider than it is always safer to work for big and companies like Google and YouTube which will pay you money through AdSense.

so if you are a content person then why not to start your own blog or website and apply for AdSense account then after approval Google will put adverts in your blog or website which will pay you in dollars for each click the advert gets from your site or there is one more way to earn through google AdSense you can open an account on YouTube and upload your videos on that and apply for google AdSense. You will start earning from the ads placed on the side panels and even from those ads which comes before the starting of the video.

So it is very simple the only thing you need is genuine and original videos which you can upload in your YouTube account.

The more views your videos will get there are chances that earning will also be higher and you can make lots of money if the video gets viral.

So do not wait search for how to open google AdSense account and start uploading videos in YouTube.

Steps to get your You Tube Channel Ready

First: Login to your account and enable the channel for monetization.

Second: Connect your Ad sense account with You Tube channel so that money can be earned for your monetized videos.

Third: Just check which kind of videos can earn more money for you and the different ad formats.