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Google is giving a chance to earn $200,000 to anyone who can find a bug in Android OS that has affected millions of smartphones across the World.

It is good opportunity to become rich by earning such a good amount at one go.

This big bounty programme of Google was started a few years back and the aim of the searh giant was to find out researcher, engineers and tech experts who can come up with an exploit that will solve the bug problem.

Earlier the bounty was $30,000-$50,000 but no one was found working exploit for Android’s core components.

This time Google has made a really exceptional offer $200,000 which will definitely turn up the eyes of techies around the World as the challenge has really become awesome.

The malware called “Judy” has affected over 36.5 million smartphones which has made the phones vulnerable to illegal access.

Judy malware was created by Korean company Kinwini which has officially registered itself as the ENISTUDIO corp on Google Play store.

This malware is an auto clicking adware and it was found on 41 apps and it uses infected devices to generate large amount of illegal and fraud clicks on advertisements to earn revenue.

The malware was downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million and the actual data is still not confirmed.

For now Google has removed this Judy malware programme from the Google store.