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The victory of Congress’ s frontal students’ wing National Students Union of India in the prestigious  DUSU election in the significant President and Vice presidential posts are considered to be quite important as Delhi University is usually considered as the political citadel of ABVP and the latter have been capturing the DUSU in majority of the elections, earlier.

Losing JNUSU first and then giving two major posts to NSUI in Delhi university students union is, in fact, a great loss to BJP particularly when it’s ruling the center and several states of the country. Some of the leading politicians of the country including prime minister Narendra Modi had been the students and student leaders of Delhi University and its students’  Union called DUSU in short form, affiliated with 86 or more colleges, having the strength of about 60 thousand students, may be even more. The prime minister of India Narendra Modi, finance minister of India Arun Jaitley, former Union ministers Mani Shankar Aiyer, Shashi Tharoor,  former minister and current DPCC Chief Ajay Maken, current sports minister of state Vijay Goyal, Delhi’s former legislature Hari Shankar Gupta, Uttarakhand’s legislature and former state minister Madan Singh Bisht, AAP’s  legislature Alka Lamba, BJP’s activist Nupur Sharma, former MLA BJP Vijay Jolly, Shikha Dhawan etc,  eminent advocate and standing counsel and a senior advocate Pinky Anand etc have been the students and fire brand student leaders and office bearers of DUSU during the past decades.

The Congress leader Shahi Tharoor has termed the NSUI victory as the triumph for liberal views on the campus. Meanwhile, the NSUI has also claimed its victory in the third seat as well and has accused ABVP of playing tricks and tempering in the counting process in league with the authorities who were allegedly pressurized by the RSS and the Ministry of HR said the NSUI leaders. It has challenged the victory of the Secretary’s post and said that the organisation would move the High court to seek justice. The ABVP’s DUSU president will now be replaced by the NSUI’s Rosky Tuseer. Extremely jubilant over the victory of NSUI in two important posts of President and vice president, the jubilant Congress said that it’s  wake up call for Prime minister Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah.

Last year both the President and Vice presidents’ seats were triumped by the ABVP. DUSU has been the main citadel of ABVP since long with Congress too bagging its major share at times but if we go by the statistics it’s primarily the BJP’s ABVP that won majorly in majority of the DUSU POLLS as compared to NSUI since the days of  Arun jaitley and Vijay Goyal – since  seventies or even before.