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In just 20 years Dubai has changed itself so much that people are getting attracted towards this beautiful place and if you want to go for an all-round destination than this is the place where you should be planning your next holidays. It is known for its art and design with ever changing food scene which will definitely excite you. So let us check out the top reasons why you should be enjoying this beautiful city.

World’s Tallest Building

burj-khalifaDubai has the World’s tallest building in the world which is unmatched. It is called Burj Khalifa with 148 floors and this place is not for those who are light hearted because looking down can chill your bones and will definitely excite you. The view from the top of this building is awesome which you cannot have from anywhere around the world. So if you are in Dubai then do not miss to check out Burj Khalifa.


Largest mall in World

largest-mallAgain Dubai has the largest mall in the World with 1200 branded stores where you can enjoy month long shopping festival. Also there are so many contests going on in the mall during the festive where you can even win car, Gold and lot more. If you like shopping and have got money in pocket this is the place where you should be and enjoy shopping in the biggest mall.


Ski in the middle of the desert

ski-in-dubaiJust imagine Country known for its desert also offers ski in its middle of it. Again Dubai has World’s largest indoor ski resorts which are about 85 meters high and contains 5 slopes with 400 meter indoor black run. It would be different experience to enjoy ski in the country where naturally it is not possible to have this facility.


World’s largest fountain display

largest-fountainDubai has the World’s biggest fountain which is almost 1000 ft long and shoots water about 500 feet up in the air combined with contemporary music from. It would be a visual delight for anyone who will see it live and would definitely love it.



Manmade Island Palm Jumeirah

largest-manmade-islandDubai has made first island which is the first largest man made island having multi -million dollar mansions and five star hotels where most of the mansions are owned by the celebrities and do not be surprised if you spot some big guy over there. It is hangout place for rich kids of Dubai.



Heaven for food lovers

dubai-foodYou will find amazing and spectacular food items served only in this city and which are found anywhere else because everything is so authentic right from the brunches to lunch and dinner. The flavors will definitely burst your taste buds and if you are non-vegetarian then you should definitely go to Dubai at-least once in a lifetime because here you will be able to taste traditional and authentic Arab, Persian, Lebanese and Indian to Filipino, Chinese, French & British food items and I am sure you will be disappointed.

Dubai has lot more to offer which cannot be explained by anyone as there are few things which you learn by experience only so pack your bags and book a flight ticket for this happening place.