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We can never understand girly things

The biggest problem is we can never understand girly things and understanding them is like facing big trouble. We can never be a part of girly talks, because they are not to be meant for us. We like playing cricket rather than playing with Barbie dolls!


We have more ‘Guyfriends’ than ‘Girlfriends’

Having guyfriends is common for us and we are comfortable with that! KYUNKI NAJA NAJA MITRAA TU DUR… having girls as friends is bit difficult for us and if we somehow manage to adjust with a girl that is something shocking.


Makeup is a big no for us

We can never dress up like a girl or can never imagine ourself like Katrina or kareena. We have only one attitude and that is “SWAG SADA DESI”. Putting a kajal is also a big achievement for us because the thing that we hate the most is makeup and having a mirror and lipstick in our hand everytime! And the thing that really makes us happy is that we don’t take hours to get ready.


Our parents always scold us to behave like a girl

It is somehow irritating for us to hear everytime to behave like a girl. The moment we behave little bit abnormal we come to hear various things from people around us like “LADKIO KI TARAH KYU NAI HARKATE KARTI?” “KOI LADKA NAHI PASAND KAREGA TUJE AGAR APNI HARKATE NAHI SUDHARI TUNE”!


We prefer T-shirts over tops

T-SHIRTS are the thing we feel really comfortable in. We can never manage to dress up in girly tops. And the funniest thing we face every time is when we go shopping  we like the clothes in the men’s section, because  that girly clothes give us goosebumps!


No matter what are shoes and dress are they are always a perfect match

Our love for sneakers is never ending… we cannot handle the trouble of buying matching footwear with our clothes because “HUMSE NA HOPAYEGA BETA”. This one thing always saves us from trouble because we don’t have to take time to decide what footwear we should wear. We never care to wear matching shoes and clothes.


And when we actually dress up we look like wow !

The moment we actually dress up like a girl no one can believe that it’s the same person. Our friends and family can’t get their eyes over us and that sudden change in us gives them a big shock KYUNKI UNKO ZOR KA JHATKA BHOT ZORO SE LAG GYA!